Transparent Google Play Shop 3.5.15



Transparent Google Play Shop 3.5.15


Here's the newest apk with my well known theme. There were several changes to the layout files this time, including many new layout please let me know if you see any inconsistencies or areas that I missed.



If you wish to revert, here's the unmodified market, also in a recovery zip:

As usual, please make sure you don't have any version of the market installed in /data/app/. If you do, please uninstall updates in the application management section. The zips will place Vending.apk in /system/app.

Once again, I want to say I really appreciate all of the compliments I've received on the meager contributions I've posted. It's hard to believe I've been doing this for over a year and a half now.....coming from absolutely zero experience, I've learned a lot from this place and it's nice to be able to give back a little.


I've updated for the new Play Shop. It looks the same...or well it's supposed to anyway. If I get some time I might play around with my button dimensions/layout a little bit.

Here's a zip to flash in recovery:

Here's a recovery zip that has the stock version of the market should you want to go back:

Prior updates:
12/27 - Fixed a couple small text color issues, otherwise the same. Link updated below.12/22 - Update to 3.4.4
Flash in recovery. Updater-script installs in the /system/app directory so don't forget to uninstall updates in settings if you have been OTA updated to 3.4.4. As always, please let me know of any issues anyone runs into.

*Also updated the raw apk in the attachment section below.12/8 - Update to 3.3.12

I fixed a couple small detail items that weren't 100% in the previous version. It seems to be working pretty good on my N1 at least. Tablets still have some work to do. Mdpi should be good to go as well. Let me know if there's any problems.

Hope to work on the green one soon...

Flash in Recovery

*If updater script isn't compatible with your device, just push/copy the apk and reboot. No wiping necessary. This WILL NOT install like "normal" as it's not resigned. Push/copy only.

*Please ensure you've uninstalled updates or otherwise removed all entries from data/app, as this zip will place Vending in your /system/app directory.

Raw apk is in attachment section

9/25 Update to 3.1.5

Ok, finally got my theme ported into 3.1.5. I'll admit that this hasn't been real thoroughly tested, but so far so good for me. The themes are almost exactly like's not identical, but it would be very hard to tell the small changes that were made. Still hdpi only.


*These will flash to /system/app directory. It is very likely that you were silently updated to 3.1.5 and therefore have the apk in /data/app. If the Market is not themed after flash, go to settings>applications>manage applications>select "All" tab and scroll down to Market. Select uninstall updates.

Original stock market:

*Also, in the attachments section, there are copies of the raw apk. I add these for convenience in case you'd rather simply push the apk as I do. They should be renamed to just Vending.apk before use, and they WILL NOT install with package manager like "regular" apk's.


8/27-Version 3.1.3 recovery zips



My themed Markets are probably my first totally original works here at xda. Even so, there's been a couple guys who have helped in their own way. Chris6278 is responsible for me even getting started theming these damn things lol. Chosen_on184 is who suggested transparency....which turned out to be a big hit. And more recently fernando sor who, as a result of some of our private conversations, caused me to push a little further with these themes than I probably otherwise would've.

And as always, none of these mods would be possible without JesusFreke's and Brut.all's work.

Original post
Earlier today I was reminded by a friend that I should post these types of mods here rather than in the device forums so that others may find it easier.'s my attempt on a transparent theme for the new Android Market. I was skeptical for a while on how this would turn out and even if it would be possible to make it to my standards. I'm happy to say that it did indeed turn out much nicer than I expected. I have retained the original color theme (slightly different tint to the green). The text colors on the heading, categories, and prices are still dynamic and will match the sections colors respectively.

This works best over a darker wallpaper.

Some screenshots: