ROOT, CWM and Modified OC Kernel now available. Due to the modified kernel, Ubuntu is now installable on the device.

Hello friends. With great thanks to utkanos, Koush and mobilx we now have a public alpha CWM and root available on both the ZTE V11A and the V71A, also known as the SFR StarTab 7/10, Vodafone SmartTab 7/10, with credits due to utkanos for porting CWM, mobilx for being arguably the most motivated searcher of the holy root grail, and PaulOBrien from modaco and his superboot solution. We also thank alterbridge86 and eldarerathis for their advice and support. Additionally, credits go to joe.stone for custom kernel with loop device support, OC, touched voltages and a few other goodies.
Also, for interested developers, I have made the source code of the kernel available in a more easily accessible fashion. The source code (3 parts, contains the source for both models) is available here:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


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We will use superboot to root. What does superboot do? It puts the SU binary and makes a 'insecure' kernel to be loaded temporarily on to the device through ADB remount. So it's only purpose is to make ROOT. After execution, you will still be on the stock kernel, only with root privileges.

This method is for the advanced users only who want to have root before we have a fully functional CWM running. With the CWM the root method will be easier.

At this point we have no way to repair a broken device to a factory state. We can unroot and that is it. It is advisable do make dump of your rom before making any changes to the system. We are not responsible for any damage that can occur in the root process and after that.

What will you need?

--> Download Fastboot+Superboot.img from here.
--> Install ADB through the SDK, download from here, although the ADB included with the ZTE drivers should also work.
--> Install the ZTE drivers, you can find them here, although they should already be included on your device when first mounting it.
--> don't forget to enable USB debugging in the tablet's application settings.
--> Put the fastboot.exe and the superboot.img files in the working directory you will be running adb from (Default should be at "C:\Program Files\ZTE Handset USB Driver".
--> Open a Command Line (Start Menu > Run > CMD) and navigate to the working directory. (Use "cd C:\Program Files\ZTE Handset USB Driver" or alter the path accordingly).

--> Write the following commands withing the command line:
--> adb reboot bootloader
--> fastboot boot superboot.img

--> The device should now boot with the Superuser.apk installed and SU in the /system/xbin/su, as well as allowing you adb root commands. Now run the following:
--> adb remount
--> adb shell
--> ln -s /system/xbin/su /system/bin/su

--> You can now exit the ADB shell and reboot the tablet.

--> Install busybox from the market and check the SU binary version with the Superuser.apk - try to update. If it succeed you are done.

PaulOBrien from modaco and his superboot solution


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Public alpha build of CWM for Vodafone Smart Tab 10 and 7 is here as we promised. #utkanos dev from rootzwiki has fulfilled his promise and built it for us. Please join the #utkanos chanel on IRC and give him the credits and report bugs.

For users of the SmartTab 10, download and install tips come from here.
For users of the SmartTab 7, download and install tips come from here.
Credit goes to utkanos and koush. I have also attached these files at the end of the post.
Also attached, is the original 7-inch stock recovery file, for users who may wish to return to stock and have not performed backup.

--> Plug your tablet into usb, launch a command line, and use "adb reboot bootloader"
--> Download the CWM Recovery image from the link that fits your device.
--> Place it into the adb/fastboot folder (I am assuming you have downloaded fastboot already from the link above, during the root procedure).
--> In the command line, navigate to that folder (use "cd <path>").
--> input the command "fastboot flash recovery <filename>".
--> Reboot into recovery mode (should be Power + Volume down).
--> You should now be in CWM Recovery, and can now attempt to perform a nandroid backup.

Also, in order to prevent a possible hang, you should:

--> Reboot the tablet into the Android OS;
--> Mount it through USB;
--> Go into the clockworkmod folder;
--> Create an empty file with no extension called ".hidenandroidprogress"

After a period of testing this will be submitted to the Koush's Rom Manager. Source code is also available herehere, linked from utkanos' post.

What works:
Nandroid backup/restore on internal sdcard
Battery stats wipe
Dalvik wipe
Cache wipe

What does not work so far:
USB mass storage


Modified Kernel Available, all credits to joe.stone, give him thanks here:

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I have updated the kernel. The new version is #40 .
Both device (v71, v11) were migrated into one kernel tree , so they both use the same source. (In case of v71 it is much newer source)
The whole kernel source was updated from the v55 sources .

Now they are in cwm recovery flashable format , because this package updates the kernel modules too in /system/lib/modules and enables to use the agps and NTP server setting was corrected . It points to instead of the test one . Now my tab finds position within seconds . With the new kernel for me it seems the touchscreen is much better , but as before I am waiting for the feedbacks .

Installation :
download the zip file
copy it to your tab's internal storage
start the tab in clockworkmod recovery
select install zip from sdcard
browse to in case of 10" model
or browse to in case of 7" model
select to install

Download :
For 7" model

For 10" model

and stock kernel for 10" :
stock kernel

Users having touchscreen problems with the newer kernels (although it shouldn't occur anymore) can download kernel #30 for both devices here.

Finally, if you want to obtain a dump of boot.img, please consider the following advice, also by mobilx, here:

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It is a mmcblk device not mtdblock

dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p8 of=/sdcard/boot_backup.img
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 of=/sdcard/recovery_backup.img

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