How to Root Huawei U8652( working)

1. You need to install the latest Android SDK (search google for latest version)

2. download unlockroot v2.3

3. Follow the instructions and make sure that you have set your Settings > Development > USB Debugging box checked. I also set Unknown sources checkbox on.

4. Type in the following code on the phone keypad

*#*# 2846579 #*#*

This will open up the Service Mode
Go to Project Menu > Background Settings > Log Settings
Turn on Log Switch and set Log Level Settings to Verbose

go back one screen

Go to Dump and Log and place a check in all log settings.

Reboot the phone

Once rebooted use UnlockRoot and root you phone.

Confirm success by using a Terminal app from the marketplace (free) and when you open a terminal type su at the $ prompt. It will ask if you want to install SuperUser, accept. The terminal prompt should now read # instead of $ which means you are a root user.

Good Luck!