STOCK Android 4.0 ICS BETA (V1037) for the Meizu MX and M9

MX Firmware Official Link: Mirror A | Mirror B - (MD5: 62cab4c71f2f584eb6a361bb49db0024)
M9 Firmware Official Link: Mirror A | Mirror B - (MD5: ccd08891ace5de80e9690c24c21b72c1)

[Official release thread on Meizu Forums]

Mirrors courtesy of Meizume Administrator nice2know_u:
MX: Mediafire
M9: Media Fire


Rooting tool courtesy of datagutt

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MX/M9 4.0 native test firmware V1037

The M9 4.0 native firmware has been resolved smaller memory problems, together with the MX firmware version released.

MX/M9 4.0 native test firmware V1037 upgrade process as follows:

1) Upgrade your data backup before you do the work. Contact data backup recommend the following three ways:
1.Contacts - Set - import and export contacts - Export to the SD card (upgrade to 4.0 successfully, contacts - menu - Import / Export recovery)
2. Use the Google Gmail sync contacts
3. Use Pea Pod (note: a popular phone manager software in China) can back up contacts and SMS (not MMS support)

2) copies of the system firmware to the SD card root directory -> shutdown -> press the power and volume button to upgrade the system;

3) Go to System Settings - Android system version is V4.0.3 version is 4.0.0-1037 explain the success of a firmware upgrade;

Users to download and upgrade the firmware of the test, please carefully read the following instructions to avoid unnecessary trouble:

1. Back up phone data.
2. Upgrade V4.0.3-12037 system must be removed when the data;
3. the upgrade process, ensure the battery is fully charged; do not pull the battery or other dangerous actions.


1. Native Android 4.0 does not support Meizu backup and recovery, "Find the phone, flyme sync, batch installation AutoInstallAPK file, high bit rate or format music and video, Bluetooth and send the apk file, not its own file browser (Google Play store is recommended to download);

2. Not fully compatible with the 2.3 system can run the game software;

3. Set inside the developer option recommended to use only "USB debugging", "keep awake" and "allows analog sites, and other options used with caution;

Reminder: 4.0 native firmware for players to experience, ordinary users do not use only.

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Hi Will,

Today, MEIZU released a public beta testing stock Android 4.0 ICS firmware for MX and M9. Please find the press release below, and get in touch if there are any questions.

Public Android 4.0 beta testing begins for MEIZU smartphones

MEIZU releases stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware for MX and M9

HONG KONG – March 30, 2012 – MEIZU has today released a public beta testing version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the MEIZU MX and M9. The newly released firmware will be based on stock Android 4.0 without any customizations.

The Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade brings an entirely new look and feel to Android on MEIZU MX and M9, with a redesigned user interface as well as new design and usage concepts.

Prior to the public beta testing, MEIZU launched a private beta testing program for Android 4.0, which began mid-February for the MEIZU M9. During the private beta, users were amazed at the speed and responsiveness of the testing firmware. The newly released public beta firmware brings many bug fixes and also the support for MEIZU’s flagship device, the MX.

With the release of the public beta testing stock Android firmware, the company continues supporting the MEIZU M9, a device that has been on the market for more than a year. By doing so, MEIZU once again displays its focused commitment to the user experience and satisfaction of its many customers and fans.

The ICS beta firmware is available as of today for the MEIZU MX and M9.

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