CyanogenMod 9 and ClockworkMod Recovery 5 for Amlogic AML8726-M tablets

this is a work-in-progress development project for porting CyanogenMod 9 (ICS/4.0.3) and ClockworkMod Recovery 5 to Amlogic AML8726-M tablets.
* project page

* supported tablets
ainol NOVO8 Advanced

* CM9 current status (2012/3/23)
not work:
3G, camera, hardware accelerated video, HDMI, and many things which you expect to work

3D, accelerometer, audio, gapps, internal NAND flash, remote controller, SD card, touchscreen, USB host/device, vibrator, wlan

* changelog
refer git log

* resources (What is CyanogenMod?) (Google Apps),status:merged,n,z (CyanogenMod merged changes) (placeholder to cherry-pick changes) (placeholder to cherry-pick changes) (placeholder to cherry-pick changes)

* links (psquare's CM7 for NOVO8 Advanced)* How to boot ClockworkMod Recovery 5
1. download and unzip it
2. put aml_autoscript and uImage_cwm on root of SD card
3. insert SD card
4. power on

you can flash uImage_cwm directly into recovery partition. then, you can boot recovery with VOL+ + POWER.
ClockworkMod Recovery 5 can't install official if you want to reinstall official ROM, use uImage_recovery in official ROM.

* How to control ClockworkMod Recovery 5
for ainol NOVO8 Advanced
VOL-/jogball down: down, VOL+/jogball up: up, POWER/jogball push: select, SEARCH/BACK: back

* How to install CyanogenMod 9
1. download and put it on internal NAND flash or SD card (don't unzip it)
2. reboot recovery
3. install
4. wipe data/factory reset *1
5. reboot*1 only if you are upgrading from non-CM9 ROM (CM9 1st install)* random notes

- ubifs
no ubifs support for now. which is better, yaffs2 or ubifs?
ubifs should be supported if clockworkdmod is used as backup tool for official rom.

- rootfs
currently ramdisk in kernel is used as rootfs. modifying kernel by hand is not so smart.
should try to make initrd separately and pass it via bootm 2nd arg.

- reboot
reboot doesn't work. if power is connected, reboot will work, but power off also act as reboot
reboot recovery/bootloader doesn't work at all. use VOL+ while power on.

- memsicd
is running to use accelerometer (and magnetic field sensor). it also tweak axes by ro.sf.hwrotation and ro.sf.gsensorposition.

- magnetic field sensor
is detected but not worked/not existed. magnetic field aware apps may not work correctly.

- use internal NAND flash as SD card
on ClockworkMod 5, use "... internal sdcard ..." and "... /emmc ..." menu items