How to run Win 95/98/XP and Linux OSs (Knoppix/Ubuntu/Redhat etc) on your Android phone

Yes ! Now you can run x86 based operating systems on your ARM device.

Now you can have full desktop windows/linux experience on your Android smartphones.

The windows 95 works great on my EVO3D
All credits to their respective developers.....

Instructions :
1.Download and install Bochs2_5_1.apk (stable but slower) or QEMU.apk (unstable but faster)

2.Download SDL(BOCHS).zip for Bochs2_5_1.apk and SDL(QEMU).zip for QEMU.apk and extract on root of sdcard , so path should be sdcard/SDL/*.*

3.Put a disk image of type ".img" of any operating system in SDL folder and rename it to "c.img" (tested : win 95/98/XP ----------------Linux OSs like Ubuntu/Knoppix/redhat etc can also be used)

4.Run Bochs or LibSDL from appdrawer. Let it boot (takes a while) and enjoy.

How to Create .IMG from .VHD disk image in Second Post

Instructions (BOCHS) : (i forgot to post the instructions so thanks to HDD_x8 for posting this)
- The screen works as touchpad to control the mouse cursor and volume up/down works as left/right click.
- You can also tap the screen to generate left click.(this does not work everytime)
- Back = BackSpace, Menu = Enter, left-upper corner click generates TAB
- left-lower corner click popups keyboard
( For a desktop like experience use this keyboard -> Hackers Keyboard )
-Create a folder called "HDD" on the root of your SDcard and put your softwares/files or anything in there. When you boot windows, then in "My Computer" you will see "d" drive which will have the "HDD" folder contents. So you can install/use them in Windows.

Instructions (QEMU):
- The screen works as touchpad to control the mouse cursor.
- You can also tap the screen to generate left click (right click is not possible AFAIK) .
- Back = BackSpace, Holding Menu = popups keyboard
( For a desktop like experience use this keyboard -> Hackers Keyboard )
- No custom files can be used as of now, will find a way and post here again.

MHL to HDMI out tested and confirmed working (thanks to HDD_x8 again.)

Some freeware disk images can be found here or here (not sure if any of them will work as i have not tested , only win 95/98/XP are tested.)


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How to Create .IMG Disk Image from .VHD

1. Download ISO Recorder
2. Mount the VHD
-Windows 7
-Go to your start menu, right click on Computer, and choose 'manage'
-On the left, click on 'Disk Management' (may take a few moments)
-Click on 'More Actions' and choose 'Attach VHD'
-Choose your VHD
3. Open Windows Exporer
4. Right click on the newly mounted VHD and select 'Create ISO Image File' and when saving, choose save as any file type.
5. Save as c.img

Thanks to chessmaster W/nook for posting these instructions

I found this somewhere on a non English site, so I translated it via google.....Much part of the guide is understandable.


Download QEMU for companies
Create a folder on the C drive and extract all the qemu from the archive there.

(Go to the folder in the console)
(hard way)
Win XP: Start> Run> cmd
Win 7: The push buttons Win + R, write cmd and click on OK
Writing in the console
cd c: \ qemu

(easy way, but it only works on Win 7)
Go to the folder qemu (not necessarily on drive C)
Hold down Shift, click on the empty space of the open folder, right-click
In the menu click on "Open Command Window"
Create an image of your hard disk - write to the console
qemu-img create-f raw disk.img 2000M

disk.img - the name of the hard disk
2000M - the size in megabytes (the size can be anything, if only Windows was placed, but just the 2000M).
Create (. Iso) image c installation disk Windows XP (look in Advanced) and rename it to image.iso
Copy it to the folder c: \ qemu
If the c: \ qemu disk image is the image of the hard drive then run QEMU - write to the console
qemu.exe-m 1024-boot d-cdrom image.iso-hda disk.img

1024-m - amount of RAM available to QEMU
-Boot d - to boot from cd-rom
-Cdrom image.iso - our installation CD
-Hda disk.img - hard disk image

(Install windows as usual)
Format to NTFS required (do not be lazy is a very fast)

Creating a Windows completed.
Disk.img take out of the c: \ qemu and copy the smart

(Now set up the Smart)
Download BOCHS for Android
Download the SDL: (47.85 KB) Number of downloads: 240

Install apk
Unpack the archive in the SDL sdcard / SDL
disk.img move to the sdcard / SDL

(Edit file bochsrc.txt)
Neither of which do not touch, but here:
# What disk images will be used
# Floppya: 1_44 = W98RUS.img, status = inserted
change the name of the image as follows:
# What disk images will be used
# Floppya: 1_44 = disk.img, status = inserted
and here:
ata0-master: type = disk, path = "c.img"
change to:
ata0-master: type = disk, path = "disk.img"
All store and run Bochs