ICS / CM9 for the CDMA (Vzw/Sprint) Galaxy table

Please find below a link to an early build of AOSP ICS / CM9 for the CDMA (Vzw/Sprint) Galaxy tablet. These are very early builds, but are very functional.

Source code:
kernel: https://github.com/j..._galaxytab-cdma
device: https://github.com/j...ice_samsung_p1c
common device tree: https://github.com/j...msung_p1-common


  • 3G
  • SMS
  • WiFi
  • GPS
  • Full HW acceleration
  • Bluetooth
  • FFC - photos / video
  • Rear Camera - photos in panorama mode / video / standard photos not working
  • SDCard
  • Sensors (orientation/gyro/etc)
  • Video playback (youtube/netflix/etc)
  • USB mass storage
  • Data Usage tracking/statistics
  • native wifi tethering

Not working:

  • native usb tethering

Flash with clockworkmod recovery, and MAKE SURE TO WIPE YOUR DATA! Optionally flash Google apps after the ROM.

If you restore apps and/or data with Titanium Backup or the like, please do not post in this thread if you have problems.

Credit to koxudaxi and syndtr for some helpful kernel patches, as well as much thanks to TeamHacksung and CyanogenMod crews for the codebase to build upon.

*** Update 12/23 - BUILD2 ***

  • fixed sensors (orientation works correctly, not sure about light sensors)
  • enabled hw composition
  • imported stagefright/sec_mm from crespo, should help with video playback (untested)
  • now building camera bits from source from crespo (still has issues, WiP)
  • fixed "recent apps" button
  • switched to teamhacksung codecase and cleaned up source tree a good bit Posted Image

*** Update 01/04 - BUILD3 ***

  • fixed video playback (YouTube/NetFlix/etc)
  • full-screen bootanimation
  • newest gpu drivers from nexus s
  • reverse engineered a large chunk of camera firmware, still not functional for regular pictures, but getting there
  • fixed hw acceleration/composition correctly

*** Update 01/04 x 2 - BUILD3.1 ***

  • fixed 3G
  • fixed bluetooth
  • fixed LCD backlight, can now adjust brightness settings

NOTE: This is just a patch. It needs to flashed OVER the V3 ROM

*** Update 01/31 - BUILD4 ***

  • fixed USB mass storage
  • added reboot options to power menu
  • fixed orientation in recent apps list and screenshots
  • updated to latest CM9 codebase
  • updated to latest ICS Google apps (v7.1, find link below) - fixes issues with location-based services

big thanks to KhasMek for help with this build

*** Update 02/03 - BUILD4.1 ***

  • fixed incoming SMS (untested)

NOTE: This is just a patch. It needs to flashed OVER the V4 ROM

*** Update 02/18 - BUILD5 ***

  • fixed issues with headphone jack
  • fixed FFC
  • fixed video recording on rear camera
  • updated google apps link

*** Update 03/02 - BUILD6***

  • changed from BML to MTD partition layout
  • fixed native wifi tethering
  • fixed data usage/traffic statistics
  • improvements to video playback

IMPORTANT: As this time I have switched from the standard Samsung BML partition layout to an MTD partition layout. This is the standard used by most mobile devices and is much more efficient. Due to this change, once you have flashed BUILD6 or higher, you CAN NOT simply flash back to another ROM or restore a backup using clockworkmod recovery. To switch back to another ROM you MUST use Odin or Heimdall to flash a full system package to restore your system to BML. Then you can flash other ROMs or use your backups. The first time your system is updated to MTD, your device will reboot just a few seconds after you select to install the zip, it will then automatically boot back into recovery, and finish the installation. Also on the first install, your data will be automatically wiped. If you have used CM7 or CM9 on SGS devices (GalaxyS, Vibrant, Captivate, or Fascinate), then you should be familiar with this process as it will be identical to how things are on those devices.

*** Update 03/04 - BUILD7***

  • upgraded wifi driver to bcm4329 version used by Aries (SGS) devices - fixes issues with network scanning, incorrect/changing MAC addresses, and general stability issues
  • fixed incoming SMS (untested)
  • merged with latest upstream CM9 code

Download Links:
http://goo.gl/0RKp7 - V1 ROM thx sixstringsg for the mirror

http://www.mediafire...9w42xbx4iu0u2eu - V2 ROM

http://www.mediafire...sa2d5rgq55pd03w - V3 ROM

http://www.mediafire...ef77ca2d1b3tc78 - V3.1 PATCH

http://www.mediafire...fsuk26ey61xeyyf - V4 ROM

http://www.mediafire...oj5ecq528ik85c6 - V4.1 PATCH

http://www.mediafire...pwoa4zo1nbmnfpg - V5 ROM

http://www.mediafire...bhv5o51tdv6vwew - V6 ROM

http://www.mediafire...wd3epg1lt5qec5f - V7 ROM


http://www.multiupload.com/D07OVCSB9G - Google apps v7

http://tux-head.net/...p/gappsv7.1.zip - Google apps v7.1

http://goo-inside.me...0215-signed.zip - Google apps 20120215