Windows Phone 7 Theme for theme chooser cm7

Latest Version is Release Candidate 3
This is a Windows Phone 7 Theme for Android (CyanogenMod) Theme Chooser, which is made by Alexis Diaz's and My own work and uses graphics from a Samsung Phone theme by Lucas Scott - don't forget to donate to him :P

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OVER 10,000 Downloads - Thanks guys

In Release Candidate 3
Added graphics for tabs
Added graphics to tabs in settings and contacts
Added device settings icon
Added popups
Changed to more Wp7-like buttons
Changed keyboard number overlays and popups
Changed contact banners slightly
Regained overscroll glow

Broken stuff:
Buttons with drop downs have black text on black background. Shouldn't matter if you know what they are, but a bug none the less.
I have no idea how to support all devices properly, so you will probably have to sacrifice the preview image in themechooser to get it working, or something :PRight here is the latest version: