How to Root AsusTransformer and clock work mod recovery

Ok so here it is :) one note before hand please do not replicate / repost this guide (by all means use the method / code / files in other places) but due to things outlined here ( we would rather this just be linked in other places to keep information up to date :)

UPDATE 4/5/2011: New blob released! This blob is intended for latest firmware update (V8.2.3.9) and fixes the camera/bluetooth issues! Use V4 for previous updates! If you use V5, replace all occurrences of CWM_BLOB_V4 with CWM_BLOB_V5 in the guide below.

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  • On a later date there will be tools for creating your own blobs. Update: Tools are now available!
  • You need an microSD card in at all times
  • Asus OTA updates will not install after installing CWM recovery
  • This gingerbreak version will not work with 2.2.x or 2.3.x roms its will only work with 3.0.x


Although we (bumble-bee + RaYmAn) test everything as much as possible we will not be held responsible for any bricks / fires / disasters caused by following this guide. This will also void your warrantee. So by undertaking the steps outlined in this guide you understand and accept the risks.

[What You Need]

  • Asus transformer tablet
  • ADB set up (if u dont just google it )
  • Micro SD card (backup all information as it could be wiped)
  • The files at the bottom of this page


1. extract all of the files from the zip to your adb folder

2. run “adb push gingerbreakBB /data/local/”

3. run “adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/gingerbreakBB”

4. run “adb shell” followed by “/data/local/gingerbreakBB”

5. Wait up to 10 minutes for gingerbreak to do its stuff, once its done you will have SU (#) symbol


## Note if you do not get the # su symbol the temp root fail, reboot and try again from step 4 ##


## This Part Of The Guide Is Installing CWM and insecure boot image ##

Update: As some people have pointed out, md5sum does not exist on android, so the guide has been updated to fix it.

Run steps 7 to 9 in a new terminal window

7. run “adb push CWM_BLOB_V4 /data/local”

8. run “adb pull /data/local/CWM_BLOB_V4 cwmblob_retransfer”

9. run “md5sum cwmblob_retransfer”

10. check that the output string matches the one next file list at the bottom of the page, if not re download and re-push the blob DO NOT CONTINUE if they do not match !

Step 9 requires the md5sum program available locally on your computer. PROCEED FROM STEP 7 IF THE MD5SUM IS WRONG

Return to the shell from step 6 and do the following commands:

11. run “dd if=/data/local/CWM_BLOB_V4 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p4″

12. reboot the device, on reboot you should see a progress bar indicating the flashing of the “blob”

13. boot the device. You now have CWM recovery and insecure boot


Once you have successfully done the above steps and have insecure boot, you can follow the below steps to get ‘full’ root and the usual SuperUser app:

1. run “adb remount”

2. run “adb push su /system/xbin”

3. run “adb shell chmod 6755 /system/xbin/su”

4. run “adb push Superuser.apk /system/app/”

5. reboot (you now have root and can run root apps)

## Please put all feedback in the comments here ##


  • RaYmAn (phrasing, editing blobs, coding tools and Ideas)
  • Bumble-Bee (Editing  GingerBreak, Building CWM recovery and Ideas)
  • Guhl (Compiling the new gingerbreak as bumblebee fail)
  • Stridger (Testing, Ideas, General Help, and more testing)
  • Roebeet, Ryan45, DJ_Steve (Spell and fact checking, input for ideas, general encouragement)


CWM_BLOB_V4 (md5 = d6939fb6b6cfe06a02106f63c24268d0 )

Download the file pack here


CWM_BLOB_V5 (md5 = 8c9ef19b726e76fd73de4632db7e4288)

Blob only