LeeDroid One Xtreme for Htc one X

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>> Please note, 1st boot may take up to 10 minutes as every application in /data will be ZipAligned, the time it takes depends on how many applications you have installed.. DO NOT PULL THE BATTERY <<

LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V2.1.0 (torrent)


LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V2.1.0 (FTP)


MD5# 700460926c0192bf4604ae5573957c2db



Chenge Log

LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V2.1.0 - 10th April

  • Optimized & Tuned....
  • Memory (RAM) App/Service Priority adjustments
  • Ensured Journalism is disabled
  • Partition mount tuneups
  • Enhanced I/O performance
  • Disabled Normalized sleepers
  • Enabled up to 15 tabs in the browser
  • Fixed missing Stripped sense launcher (Nova)
  • Fixed "remove bootsound" option in Aroma
  • Restored shipped facebook & twitter
  • Friendstream, Gallery etc accounts fixed
  • Removed 7 Digital & Tune in radio
  • Restore recent apps button now retains tweaks, Stock % battery & Button configurations
  • Added LeeDrOiD Tweaks V0.5 - Huge thanks to J4n87!
  • Now compatable with V6 Supercharger by zeppelinrox

LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V2.0.0 - 9th April

  • > Added Advanced power menu huge thanks to J4n87!! <
  • > With Restart - Normal, Hot, Recovery, Bootloader & more <
  • Fixed Dialer/Phone size issues
  • Fixed Movie editor force closes
  • Fixed Stock % battery display issues
  • Resized stock % Battery images
  • Allowed all rotations
  • Adjusted network connectivity configs
  • Radio power off on sim refresh disabled
  • Removed Orange UK wifi calling support (Until fixed)
  • Re-added default wallpaper to configs
  • Added LeeDrOiD.com to bookmarks
  • Renamed boot animation to "bootanimation.zip"
  • Renamed boot audio to "android_audio.mp3"
  • Fixed boot animation delay
  • Fixed friedstream accounts (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Exchange mail with admin requirements disabled added to Aroma
  • Added Nova launcher to Stripped sense option
  • Changed and increased the size of Aroma fonts
  • Added English US to locales list

LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V1.0.0 - 8th April (Initial release)

  • Based on RUU ENDEAVOR U ICS 40 HTC Europe 1.26.401.2
  • Deodexed, recompressed and ZipAligned
  • Rooted with the latest compatible Superuser apk and binary by chainfire
  • Unsecured boot.img (flashed with the ROM)
  • Persistent ADB enabled
  • Added init.d run-parts support
  • Added busybox, bash, nano, sysrw & sysro
  • All apk's zipaligned at boot time
  • SQlite3 Database vacum at boot time
  • Application caches cleaned at boot time
  • Improved application loading times
  • EXT4 tuneups (remounted noauto_da_alloc)
  • Disabled package signature checking
  • Fancy keyboard enter animation
  • Disabled scrolling caches
  • Several default configuration change's
  • Disabled annoting 3 dot menu * (* Thanks to blubbers)
  • Recent apps button remapped to menu * ^^
  • Long press home for recent apps * ^^ (Beat me too it by about 20 mins :) )
  • Added Stock % battery
  • Lots of system cleanup's
  • Bloat and junk removed (HTC Feedback. show me etc)
  • Added LeeDrOiD Custom locales list
  • Added LeeDrOiD wallpaper
  • Added leedroid Bootanimation & audio
  • Added Aroma installer by amarullz with full touch support
  • Optional Orange UK wifi calling support
  • Optional Stock HTC One X boot animation
  • Optional enhanced AGPS by crypted
  • Option to FULL WIPE (Yes, it does the same as "Super-Wipe")
  • Option to remove boot audio
  • Option to remove HTC Stocks
  • Option to remove Flickr
  • Option to remove HTC Watch
  • Option to restore 3 dot vertical scroll bar
  • All pre installed applications updated



1. Boot to recovery
2. Nandroid
6. Flash the ROM.zip
7.Reboot & enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich