How to flash? What do you need?

+ HTC One X Unlock bootloader through htcdev
+ Recovery ClockworkMod

When can we expect the next build?
Builds are released based on the testing results. Please do not ask us about ETAs, we are working on getting you a reliable and stable build. Patience my friends!

Can I update without losing all my apps and settings?
Yes, each release can be flashed without losing your data (unless stated otherwise) basically updating with no wipe. But I recommend making a Nandroid Backup before updating/flashing.

Can you provide a mirror?
I strongly asks everyone to download only from the links provided. The reason behind that is that Sergio pays HOTFILE every month, and with the downloads he can keep his premium account. Also it lets him know how many downloads there are for each release, and from that he can base his (and the teams') priorities for upcoming builds.

Should I use a task killer?
Task Killers are NOT advised! They do nothing but kill your battery and stop processes that aren't supposed to be stopped. FROYO 2.2+ manages tasks pretty well. Here is a good read:

I love this rom but the awesome theme doesn't work for me.. Is there a stock/unthemed version?
Coredroid is known for "eye candy", speed and the latest updates/features we don't focus as much on the stock versions. No plans for stock look...

Can I flash other mods/tweaks?
Our lovely team has created a CoreDroid mods thread, check it out. If you decide to flash other mods, feel free to do so but please keep in mind that it might cause the ROM to misbehave so make sure you take a backup.