ROM LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V3.0.0 for htc one x


LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V3.0.0

he fastest developing & most feature rich ROM for the HTC One X (Endeavour U)

Android 4.0.3 - Ice Cream Sandwich & Sense 4.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit..
Just One Xtreme Android experience from a very experienced developer ;) Pun intended!


With thanks to: Chainfire l snq- l Scar45 | Baadnwz | damo | Team RC | m-deejay | klquicksall | Alpharevx & Unrevoked | rmk40 | show-p1984 | hamdir | Breinholst | J4n87 | amarullz | blubbers | PaulObrien

What you get

Based on HTC_Europe_1.26.401.2 RUU Android 4.0.3 ICS
Stock HTC Kernel (Until i get my hands on some fresh source ;)
Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned
Rooted with the latest Superuser & binary from Chainfire
Persistent ADB enabled
init.d runparts support

Busybox, bash & nano
Sysrw & Sysro binaries
Memory (RAM) App/Service Priority adjustments
Heavily tuned & Optimized
Multilingual - Full WWE locales list
Aroma installer touch UI (Options list below)
Advanced power menu (Thanks to J4n87) > FULL THREAD <
CIFS & nls_utf8 support
Enhanced I/O performance
Ensured Journalism is disabled
Partition mount tuneups
EXT4 filesystem tuneups
SQlite 3 DB vacum on boot
App cached cleaned on boot
Applications zipaligned on boot
Faster application loading times
Lots of bloat removed
System heavily cleaned
Long press home for recent apps
Recent apps button mapped to menu (Thanks to blubbers)
Tweaked network connectivity configurations
Fancy keyboard animations

Up to 15 tabs in the browser
Landscape home screen support
Screen unlock (Spin in) Animation
Fine tuned & lowered autobrightness algorithm
Fully working HTC Sense account login/creation
Stock & battery display
Scrolling caches disabled
LeeDrOiD Bootanimation & audio
LeeDrOiD Wallpapers
LeeDrOiD Tweaks by thanks to J4n87 > FULL THREAD <
And much more....

Aroma install options

These option will be presented whilst flashing

Full wipe / No wipe install
Stock HTC bootanimation & audio
Enhanced GPS configuration
Restore Stock home screens - removing unlock animation & landscape support
Restore button configurations
Remove HTC Sense (For an AOSP look with Nova launcher))
Remove HTC Watch
Remove HTC Stocks
Disable bootsounds
Remove Flickr


Available in LeeDrOiD Tweaks by J4n87!




Center/hide clock
Choose clock color
Battery Tweaks with MIUI Battery bar!
Custom statusbar caption


ICS AOSP Lockscreen
Custom carrier lockscreen text
Toggle to use menu key to unlock
Volume wake toggle
Media control
Media control option: choose pause/play or skip track backwards

Advanced Tweaks:

Mount system rw/ro
Wipe cache/dalvik
Wipe Battery stats
Fix permissions
Zipalaign apks

Chenge Log

LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V3.0.0 - 17th April

  • Fixed HTC Sense reloads (Kept in memory)
  • Scrolling caches disabled (Again)
  • Fixed Gallery > Dropbox link
  • Minor misc fixups from 1.28 base
  • Added Bravia engine as requested
  • Responsivness tweaks
  • Hacked Voice Search/HTC Speak to allow direct access
  • Chaned app name to "Speak" & added new Icon
  • Added classic LeeDrOiD Green overscroll animation
  • Integrated LeeDrOiD Tweaks V1.0 with the below toggles (Thanks to J4n87!)
  • * Hide am/pm on statusbar clock
  • * Rosie landscape & Unlock animation toggle
  • * Hide time/ampm/date/operator on lockscreen
  • * Unlock with menu/home/backbutton
  • * Custom lonpress home app
  • * Optional finer volume steps
  • * Optional lower autobrightness arrays
  • * MMS Screen on toggle
  • * Advanced power menu item toggles
  • Retained my tweaked "Normal" Autobrightness array
  • Fixed Key flicker bug in tweaks ;)


1. Boot to recovery
2. Nandroid
6. Flash the
7.Reboot & enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich :P

LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V3.0.0 (torrent)


LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V3.0.0 (FTP)