Installing A Recovery

This one is very simple to do once you have your bootloader unlocked.
A thing to note; at present there is no USB-Mass Storage in recovery so if you are planning to install a custom rom i would get it put on the internal memory of your phone now rather than messing things up later and been unable to install it

(if you have follwed my unlocking guide skip to step 4)
1. Download These Fastboot Files
2. Make a new folder on your C: drive called fastboot.
3. Extract The Zip downloaded in step 1 to the new folder
4. The Official Version of CWM has been released and is now capable of flashing all roms, you can grab it HERE
5. download the custom recovery and save it in the same folder as you did the fastboot files
6. Power Phone Off by Holding power button for 10 secs
7. select Fastboot with volume + or - then press power
8. plug your phone into your PC and open a Command Prompt.
(windows XP - Click Start > Run > type CMD in box then press OK
(Windows 7 - Click Start > type CMD in search box then press Enter)
9. cd to your fastboot files folder cd c:\fastboot
10. type in your command prompt fastboot flash recovery name_of_recovery_image.img
in my case it was fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

Congratulations you now have a custom recovery

power off the phone by holding power for 10 seconds
power on the phone holding power+volumer down
choose recovery with volume +/- then power to select

You are now on your custom recovery
First Thing - Do A Nandroid Backup Of Your Current Rom In Case anything bad happens

Make sure you already have your new rom on your internal memory as you cannot enable mass storage in the current recovery builds.

Wipe then Flash your new Custom Rom

Or you can download the latest SuperSU binaries from HERE and install them Via Recovery to just root the stock rom

Hope this helps some of you