Before we can even think about doing anything the first port of call is unlocking your bootloader.
As of the time of writing this there is currently no S-OFF method available so this is the only method of flashing a new recovery or boot image.
I'm going to keep this as simple as possible

1. Go Here "" and create yourself an account on HTCDEV.
2. Download These Fastboot Files
3. Make a new folder on your C: drive called fastboot.
4. Extract The Zip downloaded in step 2 to the new folder
5. Go Here and select "All Other Supported Models" and "then begin unlock bootloader"
6. Yes, Tick both Boxes, Proceed
7. Skip up to step 8 as we have all we need for the first 7 steps
8. Power off your phone by holding the power button down for 10 seconds
9. Power your phone on by holding power and volume down
8. Highlight Fastboot With Volume+or- then press Power
9. plug your phone into your PC and open a Command Prompt.
(windows XP - Click Start > Run > type CMD in box then press OK
(Windows 7 - Click Start > type CMD in search box then press Enter)
10. cd to your folder where we put fastboot files cd c:\fastboot
11. type this into your command prompt window fastboot oem get_identifier_token
12. select & copy the text as per step 9 on the HTCDev website
13. paste your identifier token into the box at the bottom and submit
You Will Very Shortly Receive an email from HTCDev with a link to the second part of the instructions and your "Unlock_code.bin" attached
14. download the "Unlock_code.bin" from the email and save it to the same folder that we extracted fastboot files to in step 2
15. type this into your command prompt window fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
16. The Display Will change on your phone, press Vol + to accept and power to confirm.
Note you may get an error on screen or on your cmd window (cant remember which now) that says something about too many links. It is nothing to worry about and your bootloader will still unlock
Congratulations You Have Successfully Unlocked Your Bootloader