BAMF Evita v2.0 for Htc Rezound

This ROM is based off of:

  • 3.11.605.22 CL339740 Vigor Release-Keys...barely
  • 1.68.502.1 CL52578 ATT ONE XL release-keys..base
  • 1.53.401.2 CL47230 Tmobile ONE S Release-Keys...barely
  • 1.56.997.1 Tmobile ONE S..barely

What you will find in features:

  • Sense 4.0
  • HTC Hub
  • HTC Notes
  • HTC Watch



  • Fixed Peoples App FC
  • Improving my root fix..
  • Zipaligned
  • Added some speed tweaks
  • Added sqlite Wal Vacumm
  • Added EXT4 Tweaks.
  • Removed Signature check..
  • New Boot animation [Thanks Gadget!]
  • New Down animation [Thanks Gadget!]
  • New boot sound [Thanks Gadget!]
  • Under the hood fixes
  • This Version Fly's Posted Image
  • Added secure box to Mms App
  • Added Block list to Mms App
  • Added BAMF Settings [Not all Settings Work][Thanks Jan :)]
  • Updated some more parts to ville 1.56
  • Updated Base to 1.68.502.1 CL52578 HTC ONE XL release-keys


  • RIL Fixed [Huge thanks to newtoroot]
  • Optimized framework
  • Beats Fix [Part 1]
  • Set default language to English(United States) [Might want to change it to English(United Kingdom..gps acts weird on US one)
  • updated build fingerprint to 4.0.4
  • Added HTC Skydrive Plugin and app
  • Overscroll glow
  • Added Super APM Thanks Jan Posted Image
  • Disabled scrolling cache [For smoother scrolling]
  • BT Fix [Part 1][Thanks mdeejay and virtuous team]
  • Auto rotate Rosie Enabled
  • Ua Agent/MMS/Browser Updated to Rezound
  • Updated EGL'S and Gralloc
  • Resized gallery
  • Fixed Root [Super Hacks lol]
  • Added Some More skins [Thanks Gadget!]
  • Rosie Unlock Animation Enabled
  • Added Some Camera Tweaks [uncompressed photos etc..]
  • Fixed some widgets crashing Rosie
  • Fixed HTC Watch
  • Long press home button is now set to recent apps all buttons work like they should..
  • Added Sony Bravia Engine
  • Fixed A lot of small bugs...A lot more

Instructions to install:

  • Download ROM and
  • Copy to SD Card
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  • Did you Wipe Data?
  • Install ROM
  • Reboot To Bootloader
  • Flash
  • Profit!

Some Important Notes and Tips:

  • If you feel the need to "borrow" my work, please don't without my consent. I've spent 2 months working on sense 4.0 for 2 devices getting stuff fixed if i really just want credit for things i do so if you want to "borrow" my work ask me Posted Image.

Known Issues - if its listed here DO NOT ask about it in the thread:
The following issues are known about and they are being worked on. Before you post an issue with this rom, you must be on a clean install. If you have not performed a clean install, then your issue cannot be considered valid.

Some things that are just the nature of the beast:

  • Sending MMS
    - Sending MMS basically causes your service to die....recieving mms is fine..
  • Bluetooth/FM
    - Bluetooth works...not 100%....FM Radio Doesn't work..
  • Animations
    - Need kernel source or else i can't fix this....
  • Miscellaneous
    - other small bugs that might be there that idk about


BAMF Evita 2.0