Advanced Power Menu for HTC One X

As this mod changes the same system-files as Blubbers 3-point-menu-removal mod, they would delete each other. The only chance to avoit that, is to combine both mods
a nice Aroma-Installer that gives you the choice of 3 versions atm:

  • APM with Menu-Bar removal, Menu mapped to Recent-Apps-Button
  • APM with Menu-Bar removal, Menu mapped to Longpress Home-Button
  • APM with Menu-Bar untouched


09.05.12: Initial release 1.29.1
10.05.12: Version 1.29.2, added 2nd blubbers mod-version
12.05.12: Version 1.29.3, added Data-Connection Toggle and Silent/Vibrate/Sound Toggle
16.05.12: Updated to base 1.29.401.11


  • This mod is for deodexed roms of base 1.29. Please do NOT use with any other base or stock rom.
  • Do not use any other mods that modify android.policy.jar or framework-res.apk or the two would eliminate each other which could lead to bootloop or other unwanted effects.
  • Please make nandroid before flashing.
  • Flash in recovery.

Advanced Power Menu- base 1.29, version 1.29.3