How to Root a Nexus 7 tablet

1. You must have the sdk installed and you are able to access, and use adb and fastboot.

2. You must have debugging enabled on your Nexus 7.

3. Download Su here

4. Download CWM here



To make this easier, you should put the su zip on the sdcard for later.


1. In terminal, cd to the directory you have your sdk in. Then cd into platform-tools.

2. Type adb push path-to-zip/ /sdcard



Unlocking Your Nexus 7


To unlock your device

1. cd to platform-tools

2. Reboot to the bootloader - adb reboot bootloader

3. Unlock your device* -

fastboot oem unlock

*You will have to accept and erase all the user data on the tablet.

*You must run this as sudo in Linux



Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery

(You're still inside the bootloader)


4. Flash CWM -

fastboot flash recovery path-to-img/CWM-grouper-recovery.img

5. Make CWM Permanent -

1. Boot into recovery

2. Go to Mounts and Storage

3. Mount /System

4. Type in Terminal

mv recovery-from-boot.p recovery-from-boot.bak



Flash Su

Due to CWM problems, the recovery doesn't have a back button that I can find, therefore you must reboot into recovery

1. In Terminal, adb reboot recovery

2. Install the zip in the sdcard

Reboot and your device is now rooted!!