Black HTC bootanimation and Black HTC downanimation


There is also bootanimation made ​​from video Speed Demons.

I liked and I had to have it done.... and.... I decided to share it with you (landscape mode) (portrait mode)

I recommend the one in lendscape mode, but for those who just want bootanimation in portrait mode (slightly elongated ).... I made it.

For those who want, here is bootsound


Q: Can you flash this zip with CWM?
A: No, because each ROM developer animations placed in different locations.

(For example:
* On Mike's ARHD ROM bootanimation is located in /data/local and downanimation is located in /system/customize/resource
* On Baadnews InsertCoin One X bootanimation and downanimation are probably located in /system/customize/resource...)

You've got to find where the boot & down animation are located in your ROM and you just chang them using Root Explorer or any other File manager.