Description: This is clean and clear ICS (4.0.3) without any modifications. This is not CM, just AOSP. It may be used with tablet or with phone UI.

(Capacitive buttons are already removed, if you want them - download package below)

This build is still in beta stage. I'm not responsible for any lost data or bricked device (even if it's impossible to brick it with this )



  • MAJOR: Video playback doesn't work properly. It basically plays, but like a slideshow. It's reported that some other custom video players work.
  • MAJOR: Video recording (camcorder) doesn't work too for same reason. Camera (taking pictures) working properly.
  • MAJOR: USB File transfer (MTP) doesn't work.
  • MINOR: E-pen works incorrectly in landscape mode
  • MINOR: SMS Messages are not being sent on first attempt after boot, it works after that.
  • MINOR: Back, menu buttons vibration - well, there's no vibration when you press these buttons
  • MINOR: Sometimes Wi-Fi can't be re-enabled - that means sometimes you can't turn wifi on after you've turned it off. Reboot fixes that.
  • NOTE: If you'll reboot your device it will reboot TWICE and dalvik-cache will be cleared. This is temporary (and very stupid, but it works) workaround for some problem. It doesn't affect any functionality, but does affect boot time. Will be fixed ASAP too.

Please report any other bugs you'll find.




a) if you're on Gingerbread build: flash Chainfire ICS repack (
b) if you're on ICS build: do nothing
2. Upload into your sdcard
3. Reboot into recovery
4. Flash
a) if you was on AOSP ICS previous versions and want to keep your data: do nothing
b) if you was on any other build: wipe data using CWM recovery
6. Reboot and wait

If you're stuck at bootanimation on first boot, reboot your device by holding power button



v03 -

Wired headphones button fix -
S-Pen landscape fix -

Enable tablet UI -
Disable tablet UI -
Tablet mode market FC fix -

turn on capacitive on-screen buttons (optional) -

v02 -
External SD mount fix -
8MP camera fix -
Tablet mode settings FC fix -
Tablet mode market FC fix -

turn on button lightning -
turn on capacitive on-screen buttons (optional) -
enable tablet UI -
disable tablet UI -
battery percentage mod - (thanks JamieD81)
remove battery percentage -

v01 -

Remove capacitive buttons -

User mods:

Some tweaks by JamieD81 -




1) Included external SD mount fix
2) Included button backlight fix
3) Included 8MP Camera fix, thanks emptynick
4) Included tablet mode settings FC fix, thanks bnapalm
5) Changed launcher APK to that one that doesn't FC in tablet mode
6) Changed bootanimation to proper 1280x800
7) Removed unneeded ro.sf.density lines from build.prop, now there's only one
8) Other minor tweaks and edits you probably won't notice


1) fixed root issues, system is now writable
2) fixed face unlock
3) fixed bluetooth AVRCP (you can now use buttons on your BT headset)
4) seem to be fixed external sd mounting, it now mounts to /emmc, but it needs testing, report please
5) Included framework without buttons