PURA VIDA.........

Tips: [ You must apply them after flashing to avoid bugs ]

1. Create /data/system/theme to get themes to work!
2. Go to permission and enable root permission
3. Use setcpu and set to 1200/200 , you wont have any SOD [ cause by ROM itself ] your battery life will be great ! ( will be default in coming [V5] ) NEW !
4. For best and fast animation effects...go to developer options->select windows and animation scale to 0.5X which is shown in the video


This is AOSP ICS base , so all the bugs there, are inherited here.

[X] USB FILE TRANSFER [ MTP ] : Partially working [ you can use droidexplorer as a temporal solution ]
[X] VIDEO RECORDING : Partially working [WIP]
[X] VIDEO PLAYBACK : Partially working
[X] LAGS :when opening pop-ups, and using internal submenus
[X] S-PEN : Partially working
[X] SMS: Messages are not being sent on first attempt after boot, it works after that.

More ?.... Please tell us


1st boot takes like 3-5min , if you get stuck @ bootanimation , take our the battery for 1 min , plug it in and power on , it will boot eventually , don' t panic !

Coming from GB

Copy miuinoteX.zip to your sdcard
Look for and Flash > Chainfire ICS repack
Reboot into recovery [ redpill ]
Flash miuinoteX.zip
Wipe all

Coming from Chainfire ICS repack

Copy miuinoteX.zip to your sdcard
Reboot into recovery [ redpill ]
Flash miuinoteX.zip
Wipe all

Downloads: [ We are not responsible if something goes wrong ]

Version 4

Version 4a