This is currently a WIP which means I still have many stages to advance in before I release a full ROM, I'm currently working by MYSELF and if you are willing to join in my project send me an invite, but if you only wish to complain about how I did a bad job just don't download it. I AM NOT MAKING YOU FLASH THIS - YOU BRINK IT'S ON YOU


JerryScript: Provided Insprition to Finish
benzyniar1: Provided software to sign
Team Syndicate: Provided Launcher
XDA: Provided Files Needed (Will Update This Area Soon)


  • Full Framework-res Themed
  • ICS Launcher 4.0
  • Music 4.0
  • Many Twerks
  • Many Scripts
  • Ultracharged!!
  • Market 3.2.11

To be Added:

  • Complete


1) Backup your apps with TitaniumBackup, this step is user prefered

2) While you are backing up your system, download files included below

3) Boot into recovery

4) Make a nand backup (THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

5) Wipe Data, Wipe cache, and under advanced Wipe dalvik cache

6) Flash ROM & GApps

7) Reboot your system

8) Restore apps, Apply Theme and MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT RESTORE SYSTEM APPS!!!

9) Reboot and Enjoy


signed_ICSandwich2.3.7_ThaUnknownArtist_01092012.z ip - 65.1 MB
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Edited, and updated google apps, by MakTaiL. http://www.mediafire.com/?c95iicwc6d7uwas

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