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---Updating from a previous BACKside-IHO build

NEW METHOD (post 01182012 build)

1) Open the BacksideUpdater in the app drawer or under Settings>>CM settings>>System>>Check for ROM udates

2) Press the Check now button

3) If a new version is available, press the Download now button

4) Once the download is complete (be sure!), press the Reboot into Recovery Now button

5) Wipe cache, and under advanced, wipe dalvik cache

6) Flash the ROM zip file

7) Reboot

OLD METHOD (up till 01182012)

1) Download the newest build, and GreenMachineTheme zip if you like, and place them on your sdcard

2) Boot into recovery and make a backup (imho, not optional )

3) Wipe cache and dalvik cache

4) Flash the BACKside-IHO zip file

5) Flash the GreenMachineTheme (optional)

6) Flash gapps (hopefully not necessary anylonger, ymmv)

7) Reboot and enjoy

---Installing from another ROM

1) Backup your apps with something like TitaniumBackup or MyBackup

2) Download the BACKside ROM zip file, the gapps zip file, and optional GreenMachineTheme zip file linked below and place them on your sdcard

3) Boot into recovery

4) Make a backup (ALWAYS RECOMMENDED!)

5) Wipe cache, and under advanced wipe dalvik cache

6) Under mounts, format boot, system, data, and cache (only recommended when coming from a different ROM)

7) Flash the BACKside ROM zip file

8) Flash the gapps zip file

9) [Optional] Flash the GreenMachine-UOT zip file for the Green Machine Theme

10) Reboot your phone

11) Restore apps, but DO NOT RESTORE SYSTEM APPS!!!

12) Enjoy yummy gingerbread and the CyanogenMod goodies

How to use CyanogenMod Settings and Goodies

Getting More Space

Known Bugs

Fixed 07212011 USB Mass Storage is not working, you will have to use ADB or put your sdcard in another device for file transfers
(Blarfie is working on it, Windows USB drivers can be a nightmare)

Fixed 07302011 Custom ringtone settings are not followed, default ringtone rings instead

Fixed 07302011 Camera sometimes places artifacts on the edge of images when zoomed at some levels.
(The problem is known, expect a fix, but other things have a higher priority right now)

Voice Dialer button is not mapped, use Button Remapper and set it as you like.

Fixed 10172011Headset button doesn't work. Fixed 10172011, thanks rcmarotz (original thread here)

Fixed 07272011Android Market web interface doesn't allow automatic installs, says country is not supported. Fixed, see this post

Fixed 07212011 Screenshot app from the power button menu saves the images inverted 180 degrees, you can fix them with any photo editing app/prog, I just let photobucket take care of these screenshots.

Screenshots with Green Machine Theme installed over the build

In order to keep this as close to CyanogenMod7 source, I have left all the extras in there, which makes for a large install. You can use a bloat removing script such as mmarz's, or manually delete ringtones, wallpapers, etc as you like. If there is enough interest, I will post a slimed down version with most of the bloat removed.


Newer Phones Should Use This Recovery

Download updated 02292012 ROM here
md5 checksum c2ea2b99e0bbafedbbdc4be039550ba2

Download gapps here

Download the Green Machine Theme 02292012 flashable zip file from here

Flash this zip file in recovery to activate bootsounds