EzyKernel v1 - 23/02/2012

This Kernel is more geared towards functionality & real life user experience as opposed to benchmarks etc.

(Need to be running a ZSKL2 firmware - see installation instructions)

Update 23/02/2012 - Kernel Bluetooth fix.



1) Overclocking & Undervolting support

Added overclocking up to 1600 / 1800 mhz
Added sysfs uv interface for setcpu support.
Undervolts quite well
Set default max overclock to 1600 mhz.
1800 mhz is not stable for me causes freezes/lockups for me. I dont tend to use voltages higher than 1350mv but the option is there for anyone who feel the burning itch
(1.8 is not recommended - untill further tests)

2) init.d support for boot up scripts - place start up scripts in /etc/init.d/

3) support for boot animations - place bootanimations.zip in /system/media/

4) I have built in cifs / nls_utf8 support into kernel so no need for seperate modules

Tested ok. Not sure what nls_utf8 does but seems to be requested quite a bit. If problems of unmounting shares, try umount -l /path/to/mount normally does the trick.

5) Added ntfs read/write support for kernel - Not tested myself

6) Added udf / iso support to kernel -Tested ok - can mount bluray iso's etc.

7) Added support for Interactive governor
Tested seems bit of a cpu hog / not properly optimised enough so would not recommend using it.
Ondemand seems to work the best. May look into porting other governors but not anytime soon

8) Slightly modified touchscreen driver

decreased the tsp_threshold level for 50 to 20.
You can set this value manually by
echo "X amount" > /sys/class/sc/sec_touchscreen/tsp_threshold/

However the problem is that the value gets reset to 50 every time the screens switches off. Hardcoded 20 as the default value it changes to after screen turns off.

Also changed the default ontouch frequency from 500mhz to 800mhz. The voltages for each are roughly the same so should be a wee bit more responsive without impacting battery life. Can set higher if anyone wants this.

Other general stuff - removed some debug info from kernel.


EzyKernel Download link




Additional Mods:

Kernel works fine with deodexed /odexed system. Theoretically odexed is faster but I cant notice much difference between the two.

1) Deodexed & Zip-aligned Stock System / App folders from the ZSKL2 firmware

Download Links:

(Use Hjsplit or another tool to combine the following into one


GTP6800DOX.zip.001 : D844D0F20CA5C5CA4EDDC2F4BE993FE3
GTP6800DOX.zip.002 : D0AF7C4B7C43D2F0974DA2E9C42EF5AC