1. First, you need to root your device. Download the link from this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...47&postcount=1.

  2. Put the file "root.zip" you just downloaded onto your EXTERNAL SDcard.

  3. Then, power off the device.

  4. When it's off (it'll buzz), press the volume up key (the one closer the power button) and the power key at the same time.

  5. After a few seconds, the "Galaxy Tab 7.7" splash screen will come up. When it does, LET GO OF THE POWER BUTTON, BUT KEEP HOLDING THE VOLUME UP BUTTON.

  6. Soon you will see some yellow writing on your screen saying the device is copying apks, etc. What is happening is you are booting into the tablet's stock recovery. After a bit, the yellow writing will go away, and then you will arrive at a blue menu.

  7. Using the volume keys, select "install from external storage", then press the power button. You will arrive at a menu of your sd card.

  8. Using the volume keys, select "root.zip" and press the power button.

  9. You will again see some yellow writing and your device will be rooted.

  10. After it's done, reboot the device by selecting reboot and pressing power (it may reboot automatically, I can't remember). You are now rooted!

  11. Now that you are rooted, you need to flash the ported Clockwork Mod Recovery for this tablet onto your device. This is a custom recovery that will replace the stock one you saw before and allow you to flash custom ROMs...You can download the recovery .tar file in this post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...77&postcount=1.

  12. You can flash the file your just downloaded, "P6800_Recovery.tar" one of two ways: with an app on the market called "Mobile ODIN", it costs a few dollars, or you can download a windows desktop version of ODIN here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...31&postcount=1. THE MOBILE ODIN METHOD IS MUCH EASIER, AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! If you choose to use Mobile Odin, proceed to the next step and skip steps 14-20, below. If you decide to go the desktop way, skip ahead to step 14.

  13. If you are using Mobile Odin, you just copy the "P6800_Recovery.tar" file to your internal or external storage. Then open Open Mobile Odin. You will see a menu. Toward the bottom, you will see an option to "Open file". Select this and then navigate to the "P6800_Recovery.tar" it will load it up (you will see it in the "recovery" slot). Then hit "Flash Firmware". Wait while it does it's thing, and it will reboot automatically. When it reboots, you have successfully flashed Clockwork Mod Recovery onto your device.

  14. If you use the desktop version, you need to first install Samsung Kies (Google it) to get the proper drivers for you PC to recognize your tablet when plugged in via USB.

  15. Then, copy "P6800_Recovery.tar" to your PC desktop.

  16. Then, you need to unzip the ODIN 1.85.zip you downloaded from the link above onto your desktop, go into the unzipped ODIN folder and run the Odin 1.85.exe.

  17. You will be shown a GUI with a list of buttons on the lower right side (PIT, Recovery, CSC, PDA, Phone, etc.). You want to click the button that says "Recovery" and then, in the file selector, choose the "P6800_Recovery.tar" file.

  18. Next you need to put your phone in "download" mode. To do this, power off the device. When it's off, press the VOLUME DOWN and power keys at the same time. When you see the "Galaxy Tab 7.7" splash screen, let go of the power button, but keep holding the volume down button (so, it's like booting into recovery, but with the volume down button, instead).

  19. You will then be shown a caution prompt asking if you really want to enter download mode, hit the volume up key to select yes. Now, plug the tablet into the USB cable that came with your tablet and wait for windows to install the drivers (as noted above, this is why you installed Kies). You will know your device is properly connected when one of the windows in the upper left of the GUI has a yellow bar at the bottom of it and says COM:3 or whatever port you are on.

  20. When you are sure your are connected, click the big Start button and it will go through the process, and your tablet will reboot automatically. You now have Clockwork Mod Recovery flashed to your tablet.

  21. Once you have Clocwork Mod Recovery Flashed onto your device, the last step is to flash the custom ROM.

  22. Download ROM zip file from the thread, then place it somewhere on the internal or external storage of your device, then power off.

  23. Once your device is off, you will boot into recovery like you did above, press the volume up and power keys at the same time, and when you see the "Galaxy Tab 7.7" splash screen. let go of the power button, but hold the volume up key until you boot into clockwork mod recovery (you will see a blue menu again with a little logo of a hat on a gear.

  24. As you will see, this is a different recovery from the one you booted into before, it is a custom recovery that will allow you to flash custom ROMs!

  25. Using the volume keys and selecting with the power key, first perform "wipe data/factory reset". When that's done, perform "wipe cache partition".

  26. When you have done these two wipes, select "Install zip from sdcard". You will then be shown a list of your sdcard's contents. Navigate to the ROM .zip file and press the power key. It will then ask you if you are sure, and select yes then press the power key. You will now see a little progress bar and a description of what is happening. It takes a while and your device will reboot automatically when it's finished.

  27. That's it, you have a custom ROM on your tab!