The DL Link has been updated. I changed the name of the file to "ZSLA_Tweaked_Stock_RC2", so please make sure that is what you have that name. The other file was actually a "deep wipe" version I made at a user's request, and was designed to wipe data/internal storage. The current linked ROm WILL NOT wipe data or storage. The issue was that I had the same file name for both, and when I uploaded the non-wipe version to the server, it did not replace the old one. Weird, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


This is the second release candidate of my tweaked stock ROM, based on Official Firmware ZSLA2 (Hong Kong, but all languages available). I am hoping that this will be the last release candidate before the ROM becomes final. Please post any issues in the thread, as I would like to finalize this project so that I can move on to my own custom Magnolia ROM. As stated before, developers are free to use this as a base, as long as they give me credit and Task650 or any other developer for any contributions (see Thanks/Credits list below).

If you like the ROM, please hit the thanks button....!

As before, there aren't lots of screenshots for this ROM, because looks just like the stock firmware, but performs much better (IMHO).


- Based on Official Firmware ZSLA2 TGY (Hong Kong, but you can select any language in setup);
- Deodexed,
- Zipaligned,
- Stock kernel,
- Init.d support;
- init.d scripts include: RAM management (based on zepplirox v6 Supercharger) and VM tweaks, zipalign and more,
- System Apps symlinked to data to reduce strain on system partition;
- Some apps (Pulse, Game hub, Samsung Apps, Polaris Office, Ebook) moved to data/app for user removal, if desired,
- build.prop tweaks for improved wifi & 3G speeds, screen responsiveness, keeping home app in memory, higher camera/video quality, etc.,
- Stock theme/minimal recoding extended powermenu,
- Optimized pngs and smali-based launcher/framework tweaks for a smoother stock launcher experience,
- See change log, in post #2...

Known Issues

1. Some games will pause themselves. Please fix permission in recovery and you should be ok.


1. Make a Nandroid backup of your current ROM,

2. Download the flashable .zip file here:

MD5: c45deb73a53018f8b8440cf44b624f36

3. Reboot into clockwork mod recovery,

4. Perform a data/factory reset in recovery. You can choose to skip this step if you wish to redo all of your apps, etc., but I cannot guarantee your flash will go as well as it should. Please do not post "bugs" in the thread unless you have performed a data wipe...thanks,

5. Flash the zip in recovery, the ROM will reboot itself when done,

6. Let it boot up and then go through the setup wizard, preferably WITHOUT setting up a Google account,

7. Let the widgets load up and things settle, then setup your Google, etc. accounts,

8. Enjoy


  • This ROM will NOT affect your modem, it does not even touch it...
  • This ROM is NOT compatible with ezkernel, as I was unhappy with the firmware that kernel was designed for. I will (hopefully) be releasing a custom OC/UV kernel for this and my Magnolia ROM soon.
  • If you use tegrak or some other over-clocking app, please do not post bugs you may have when using those programs. The same goes for restoring system data via Titanium Backup. I cannot debug issues arising from their use.


This ROM is a release candidate, and, as with all custom ROMs, you flash it at your own risk. I cannot and will not be held responsible for anything that may happen to your phone, others or you as a result of flashing this ROM.