1. Download the latest ROM from Huawei official site..

2. Download a "system.img.ext4" file which already contain the su binary
OLD: http://www.multiupload.com/0WPLQILCGH (114.73MB) (from ROM dated 26 Nov 2011)
NEW: http://www.multiupload.com/OV7QJ27TGT (118.26MB) (from ROM dated 9 JAN 2012 )

3. Replace the "system.img.ext4" file in update.zip from Huawei with the one you downloaded in step 2.

4. Copy the "dload" folder into the root directionary of the micro-SD
the folder should contain "unlmt.cfg" and "update.zip"

5. Power off your mediapad, insert the micro-SD then Power ON again.

6. Follow the screen, when it finish.. remove the micro-SD

7. Look for the SuperUser app from android market, DONE.

You have the latest ROM with root now.

Flashing only the "system.img.ext4" into your mediapad directly via fastboot would kept your current DATA and Apps untouched.

NOT recommended for production, as Huawei updates things other than the system, so flashing only the "system.img.ext4" may lose those updates !

BUT this method could give you a chance to make a backup via titanium before flashing the new ROM completely.

To activate fastboot mode of mediapad..
1. Power OFF, and connect your mediapad to your Computer with USB cable.

2. Power ON the mediapad with Volume Up button pressed and hold until your computer sense it. (install the correct driver..)

3. Put all fastboot files(attached below as zip) and the "system.img.ext4" in the same folder.

4. Open up a DOS promp, go to the path you have those files and type...
fastboot flash system system.img.ext4

5. Check your mediapad, when it done reboot your mediapad.. DONE

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