All credits goes to zombolo and Xanderful
I'm posting this thread to make it easy to find the ROM for newbees...

Please read ALL Informations carefully, before using this rom !

Disclaimer - This procedure is given here in a "as-is" format. I have personally verified it and have it running, but, the ultimate responsibility of performing this lies on you. I will not be responsible for dead / bricked devices or any such similar unfortunate situations.

  1. Download the ROM from the link.
  2. Extract the DLOAD folder from the zip.
  3. Copy the DLOAD folder to the root of your Micro SD card. You can use a card reader or copy using the mediapad itself using MTP over USB cable.
  4. Power OFF the mediapad.
  5. Insert the Micro SD card to the mediapad and Power ON.
  6. ROM Upgrade will start automatically. Follow the onscreen directions. Remove the MicroSD when instructed.
  7. The device will reboot automatically. Meanwhile delete the DLOAD folder in the MicroSD.
  8. Once fully booted copy sanixupdate folder from the downloaded ZIP to root of the INTERNAL STORAGE using the USB cable.
  9. Power OFF and Reboot.
  10. Now you have a ROOTED mediapad with ICS

    • By using this ROM you voide the warranty... But you can very easily go back to STOCK rom before claiming for warranty.
    • You loose 4G if you are using a T-mobile Springboard
    • Remember to delete the DLOAD folder from SD card after it is removed from the device as instructed on the device screen. Keeping the DLOAD folder on SD makes it re-flash everytime you POWER ON with the SD inserted.


Root-ready international version: