AUTHOR estebanSannin

The ROM DroniX it’s a particular ROM created only for this particular device.
The graphical interface is structured for the performance,it’s useful and fluid. There are no more app installed by default, we found the original Google app and some app of a particular interest. Stefano Viola aka estebanSannin (founder)


DroniX, for optimizing free space for applications, use /cust partition (present in lots of other ROMs).
If in the past you have installed a stock ROM without /cust partition phone will probably stuck on an infinite loop during the bootanimation.

For a correct installation you should flash before a stock WIND rom:
than re-flash the modded recovery and go on with the standard installation (wipe and flash)
For the installation of the DroniX we use any recovery and make the wipe.
I recommend the ClockWorkMod: LINK

As you may have noticed some feature and utility in low level are added.GNU/Linux Users are happy for this decision.
A particular utility is the SSH client used for the connection tunnels to a remote Server,
In particolare, c’e’ SSH client che puo’ essere utile per creare dei tunnel di connessione verso server Remoti, some people understands what I’m saying :-)

DroniX 0.6 The RUN
MIRROR — ROM DroniX 0.6 The RUN – Mediafire