A user on the XDA forum on Dev Subpsyke is able to compile from source Android Porting of the CyanogenMod 7.1 (RC1) for bringing Vodafone Smart Gingerbread 2.3.7. The port is stable and all the hardware works bene.Unico the small defect ' external sound a little strong with the volume up while everything perfect in the headphones. I created a modified version of the base Subpsyke adding various things including the underclocked overclock and all of my SmatLucky then the kernel. Also added several other fixes. IMPORTANT CyanoLucky The Dual has become fact, you should install regardless of whether SMART is on IDEOS . Roma only 2 Devices, double-kernel and custom directories. When the flasharete CyanoLucky Smart Ideos rom should automatically recognize your device by installing the appropriate directory, you will not have to do anything. It is recommended to first install a wipe. The base of the Roma is the same for both devices and will be to Subpsyke for the latest version of the Smart V 0.4 with Hotfix 1 and 2 with some of my customizations. From custom rom Tilal6991 I took BOOT.IMG some Lib and some bin. To Smart U8160 the biggest problem is the sound a little high but for the most serious Ideos have some bugs like FMRadio, the Mount and USB 'sound. This custom rom Dual is an experiment if you have problems installing let me know, it could happen that you install the directory and the boot of the device. The custom rom you can install quietly with the Smart Recovery Subpsyke that the recognition of strings of the device. For I have personally tested the Ideos Recovery UltraJack v 6.2.2 . The Clockwork Recovery has to be tested. CyanogenMod 7.1 (RC1) "u8160" Port Latest Release : v0.4 [21 October 2011] Latest Hotfix : Hotfix 2 v0.4 [23 October 2011] Latest Google Apps packag


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