Subpsyke: Porting 100% CyanoCM7

Erlucky (Lucky76): My Mod of CyanoCM7
1. New Kernel All of my SmartLucky
2. Added Huawei Backup
3. Added Flash Player ---> on testing?!?!?!
4. Added Launcher pro
5. Added Quickpic
6. Added MIUI Music
7. Added Host mod
8. Added Fix Facebook
9. Added apns mod
10. Added fix Memory
11. Added apps Google
12. Other

---Section Bugs---

Bugs Software:
Bugs Hardware: Back button to be 1 or 2 mm to the left


- ClockWorkMod Subpsyke ---> Ver. V0.1 ---> Here ----> For all custom rom

- ClockWorkMod Sebastian404 ---> Ver ---> For my Ver. CyanoLucky Mod and my custom rom SmartLucky

ClockworkMod4.0.1.5.zip ----> Installation Method A. Method to install for the First Time since the Original Recovery

recovery-clockwork- ----> Installation method B. Upgrade the Recovery Method with Modified already installed on your very own device

Method A
A. To Install this recovery for the first time, follow the steps below:
1. Of course download the files to the above address peril Method A.
2. Unzip the file to your PC.
3. Turn off the device.
4. Turn on the device while pressing the Volume Down button + Power so as to come into fastboot mode as indicated at the beginning of this post.
5. Smart Connect with your PC via the USB cable supplied
6. From the downloaded zip folder run the install file-recovery-*, depending on the system you are using (Windows-Linux-Mac).
7. When installation is completed the Ideos will restart automatically, to verify that everything went the right way turn it off and go into recovery mode with the following combination of buttons: Volume Up + Power button pressing and holding them until they appear the new Recovery Mode.

Method B.
B. If you already have installed on your Smart Recovery Modified Vodafone follow these instructions.
1. Download the update file for the method B.
2. Copy it to your microSD
3. Enter the Recovery
4. Flashing the file you just copied into your microSD as a normal custom ROM by following these steps.
5. Enter the menu "install zip from sdcard"
6. Enter the sub-menu "choose zip from sdcard"
7. Choose the file that you copied to upgrade your microSD
8. And then choose "Yes - Install recovery-clockwo ......"
9. Wait until the end of the installation
10. Restart your device.

--- Setup Guide ---

The setup is identical to that made to install the SmartLucky.
Council to have before installing the battery to 100% charge.
A. Copy the file into your microSD Download.zip.
B. Enter the modified Clockwork Recovery or higher (current
C. Do yourself a BackUp going in the menu "Backup and restore" button and choosing the starting of the engine to "BackUp". Ended up back track.
D. Go down the Volume Down button in the menu "Wipe data / factory reset" button and confirm with the starting of the engine. and get a new menu item and choose Yes - delete all user data.
E. Now go back to the main menu and go to the menu "Install zip from sdcard".
F. Inside the new drop down menu and confirm the "choose zip from sdcard".
G. Now you must choose and confirm the file Download.zip. Start the installation.
H. Wait for the end of the installation. At the end go back and choose the first menu item "reboot system now".
I. Done now will start as in the first sense. The first course will start a little slower


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