Adrenalin 2.3.5

Devs: TuoNonno tas0s and joilaroi



How to install:

Before you proceed read carefully this:

Keyboard issues

The main problem for keyboard is that there are different versions around of this phone with different keyboards...
In order to gain the same characters mapping as before you need to move back from the original rom the file named qwerty.kcm.bin located under system/usr/keychars in the same folder of the new rom.
The file that is now packed in the rom is the one from the italian version of u8300 that should be ok for european users. Other keyboard versions need their own file from the old eclair rom.

I'm packing some of the keyboard layout to help you with this, they are in form of zip update, flash them after the rom and remember to fix permissions!

- Thai keyboard update:

- Swedish keyboard update:

- Greek Keyboard update:

- Polish keyboard update:

- Portuguese and italian apostrophe patch keyboard update:


Now, let's start...

[assuming that you put into the root of your sdcard]

1) Root your phone with z4root
2) Install clockworkmod recovery from ROMmanager app from the market
3) When rommanager ask for the type of phone choose "Huawei ascend" (suggested
4) Reboot in recovery mode and do a full backup of your current ROM
5) Wipe data/factory reset (important)
a) Install first release (RC1)
b) Install gapps from zip
c) fix permissions
d) boot the phone and complete the first run
e) reboot into recovery
f) flash the last update available (ATM upd2)
g) fix permissions
h) boot the phone
i) reboot into recovery
l) apply keyboard/kernel patch
m) clear dalvik cache

n.b.:first boot take lot of time, let the phone works and wait

To revert back to you rom:

1 Reboot into recovery
2 Choose restore and choose your backup

Again, I'm not a dev, I'm just trying to help the community with this project


- How to enter recovery: reboot from rommanager option or reboot command in cyanogen or press green key + volume up + power on while the phone is off.
- Workaround for backlight not working: install the app "backlight!" from the market and drag the app on the main screen. At first start set array as 150,150. When you need to light up the keyboard just press it the shortcut.
It's not that much handy but it's functional...
- Workaround for keyboard showing up in text fields: install "null keyboard" from market, go to settings -> keyboards, first enable null keyboard and then disable android keyboard
- Wifi tethering is not working with built in method (settings -> wireless), but works well with the app from the market "wireless tether for root users"


To report a bug please specify your phone's carrier, keyboard type and add as much information you can.


Known issues:

- Framework is not 320x240 native, to fix the problem use the cryspybread theme (thanks nhnt11) that i've added in the theme app, or download and apply this:
- Incall screen messed up, this is a phone.apk res problem I'm working on, to fix it go to cyanogenmod option then choose sliding tab instead of circular one <-- FIXED
- When enter pin DO NOT Press backlash button or phone will reboot!
- FM not working
- Alarm doesn't play the ring alarm, should be simple to fix <-- FIXED
- Keyboard Backlight not working <-- WORKAROUND
- Wired headset not working during calls
- Soft keyboard popping out if text field is touched <-- WORKAROUND

To apply this update you don't need to wipe data, just FIX PERMISSIONS and clear dalvik cache

- Added gapps to the main .zip
- Corrected pin code screen layout
- Deskclock now works and has a correct layout
- Added "backlight!" app to be used as workaround for keyboard backlight

To apply this update you don't need to wipe data, just FIX PERMISSIONS and clear dalvik cache

- Moved some apps from system to data
- Added Nullkeyboard as workaround for onscreen keyboard popping out (see TIPS & WORKAROUNDS section)
- Removed sliding tabs /rotary tabs from the incall screen, just use green/red hardware keyboard
- Cleaned up conversation screen
- Home function binded to sym hardware button





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