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download link: http://www.huaweidevice.com/worldwid...oftid=NDI5NTc=

=======================[2011-11-09]Official ROM 【NEW】!!!======================
fix list:

1>the bug of camera flip 180° on other camera software
2>the bug of sd-card reads broken data
3>other bugs

Originally Posted by sakarka1
Guide to Root IDEOS X5 Pro 2.3.5 & After upgrading Firmware

1). Well Friends will try to analyze here the procedure followed to make "root" the mobile without the Chinese "Root Explorer" and with all the rest to function properly after the procedure the "Root".

2). Now you must download the "boot image" from here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HA9FSEKL and then
let's desktop Pc.

3). Basic: Before you start anything you have to BE CAREFUL, if you have not already deleted the file "dload" from the sd card!

5). It would ultimately be taken out and the sd (as I did) Did the end of the process when boot read anything and
the Chinese"root explorer" fly again ... so for sure.

================================================== ========== =============================

Follow the letter the instructions below:

1. Boot the phone into the pink screen mode (volup + voldown + power) and connect it to the PC via usb cable.
2. Your PC will find a new device. Open it, and then open folder called "image" in it.
3. Copy stock boot.img to your PC, you'll need it later.
4. Now copy my boot.img from PC to the device, replacing stock boot.img
5. Use your operating system tools to safely remove the device, then pull out the battery to get out from pink screen mode. Boot the phone.
6. While booting, the phone gets rooted. When it boots up, you can turn it off and get to the pink screen again.
7. Restore stock boot.img you saved earlier.
8. Boot the phone again - it is rooted and working properly now
================================================== ========== ===============================
Before reinsert the sd it would with a cardreader to put in Pc and delete folders: android_secure,, Android.
And so the bags otherwise they'll rebuild automatically once you put the sd.

If you do everything correctly you will have 2.3.5 rooted, without Chinese"root explorer" and the witget weather-clock its ok.

Please also stated that I have not started again after the root "Root Explorer" from the Market ONLY use another program.(optional)
================================================== ================================== ==========
Thanks to "NForce25" of XDA for instructions above.
And here the Link to directions: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...326525&page=17 post # 168

NOTE: No responsibility BRING everything you do and DO your own risk!

=======================OFFICIAL Update Download======================

Official Download linkhttp://www.huaweidevice.com/cn/downl...oftid=NDA4MTM=


  • Default Language is Simplified Chinese
  • This ROM Only Support Huawei U8800Pro/U8800+
    "U8800" is not support
    "U8800-51" i dont know whether the support

2011-11-02 By NForce25

the fixed "boot.img" download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HA9FSEKL

It doesn't install root explorer, and it doesnt delete cust.img, but still should give you root access. To have the clock widget just put cust.img I've uploaded earlier into image folder from pink screen mode

Hey guys! I won't fix my boot.img.
It will work that way
you put my boot.img into image folder via pink screen,
boot phone once,
then boot into pink screen again,
restore stock boot.img and that's all

the phone is rooted and no overhead at start because of those modified boot.img's.
————by NForce25 in #166 post


Root file Download :http://www.mediafire.com/?274ht9tm6a4hznm

  • Warning:delete update(dload folder) from the sdcard!!!
  • PowerOff(you have to pull out your battery for a little and then you have to put it back, Thanks post #69 iliaskone)
  • Press and hold “Power” and “Volume +” and "Volume -"
  • Wait the "pink" screen
  • usb Connected to PC ,Wait for “U disk” to be recognized
  • copy boot.img to U disk/images/boot.img(Replace it)
  • Disconnect the battery to Reboot your cell phone
  • have fun

Original link:http://www.5irom.com/thread-7756-1-1.html

some problem: this root file has Automatically deleted cust.img ,superuser and R.E explorer is Simplified Chinese language

=======================Original system.img======================

this system.img is from UPDATE_g.APP

but UPDATE_g.APP only have "system.img" and "recovery.img" no "cust.img"

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?45qmkp9c61h1xb3



========================original Greek Wind 2.2.2(Thanks akalos) =========================
official Greek-Wind rom 2.2.2 for u8800 pro,in case someone wants to downgrade.
========================original cust.img=========================
thanks 5irom.com Extracted by 左右上帝
original link: