Modified Kernel - 1GHz, updated touchscreen driver, faster graphics.
Working Wi-fi & BT - Wi-fi shuts down when the screen is off by default, change this in Wifi Settings..Menu..Advanced..Sleep policy and set this to "never sleep" if you use wifi often.
Working Sensors
Working Audio Out and In 
Oxygen settings App
Optional Battery Percentage
Optional Notification Power Widget
Market App - needs an SD card to download apps
Launcher Pro - I prefer it to the stock launcher but both are included (try the transition effects in Menu..Preferences..Homescreen Settings..Transition effects)

Not included in ROM:
Maps - restore from backup or get from the market

Known to be not working:
Wifi hotspot (wireless tether app in the market works)
To save power the notification led will only flash when you press volup or down
USB Tethering

Credits: Dzo, stockwell, genokolar, CM


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