Peach Sunrise is the first custom ROM for the Samsung Exhibit II. It's Touchwiz-based, deodexed, zipaligned, rooted, very lightly themed and uses a custom kernel.The support files for Carrier IQ have been removed. A CWM-based Recovery is required for installation.

ADW Launcher is default. This launcher is highly themable, with many hundreds of themes (including ICS) downloadable from the Market. It also happens to be the default for CyanogenMod, so Peach is in good company

Titanium Backup, Voltage Control, CIFSManager & Quickboot (free versions) are included in the ROM.

The kernel (true of the stock kernel also) is underclock capable. Underclocking may help lengthen your battery life. Overclocking is not (yet) supported.

If you're a techie, extra features (that don't get in the way if you're not) include busybox, bash shell, init.d support, rc.local support, remount script and two modes of wireless access (ssh & adb wireless). Additionally, adb now supports root access, allowing you to do things from your command line that were not previously possible.

Additionally, the stock WallpaperChooser has been modified exposing 30 new Wallpapers from Samsung, previously hidden in the source code!

Download Peach Sunrise 1.2a HERE


CWM Keys:
Home key = enter
Back key = back
VolUp/Dwn = highlight choice

1. Back up your data. The installation will format your data partition. I suggest Titanium Backup, available in the Market.

2. Download the peach.sunrise zip file & copy to either your internal or external sd card.

3. Install Exhibit II 4G Custom Recovery (cwm) . If you're already rooted, you may install from the command line, otherwise you may install from Samsung's Recovery. Samsung's recovery only sees the internal SD, so copy the cwm zip there. Stock recovery sometimes takes more than one try to start.

4. Start Custom Recovery (cwm): Press & hold Vol-Up, then press & hold Power. Shortly after the plain white Samsung logo appears, release both buttons. Recovery should start after the color Samsung/T-Mobile Exhibit logo.

5. Select ROMwipe. This step is required! You will have problems if you do not install Peach to a clean system.

6. Highlight install zip from sdcard, then press Home.

7. Highlight 'choose zip from sdcard/external sdcard, depending where you placed the download in step 2.

8. Highlight the peach.sunrise zip file, then press Home.

After you confirm your choice, installation should take less than three minutes.


As always, you install at your own risk. No guarantees or warranties are made or given. YYMV. Caveat Emptor, etc.

This ROM does not include the *.mbn files:

/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 amss.mbn
/dev/block/mmcblk0p9 adsp.mbn

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