Slim ICS

by krarvind
  • Rom type: GSM
  • Android ver: 4.0.3 (ICS- Ice cream sandwich)

Installation Instructions:
A simple wipe cache/dalvik cache and install this should be it. If you want clean install, wipe data, format system, and cache, then install.

Recommended alternate kernel here
Change Log:
Slim_ICS_v2.9 - Stable?[*]Weather Panel Added[*]Few more mods in ASS - Lockscreen Wallpaper doesn't work yet[*]Picasa and chrome sync adapter with gallery google in base[*]Latest sync with AOSP sources as always[/LIST]
Upgrading from 2.8, Format System might be required for SGS2 users. Flash 2.9 Base and your device essentials

Slim ICS 2.9


Slim ICS 2.8 - Stable

  • Custom App on Lockscreen
  • Sync Toggle works
  • Lean Kernel added as default - thanks imoseyon
  • Latest AOSP sync
  • Common base across Nexus, G Nex and Galaxy S device

Download Links:
Important: Users have to flash base(Slim_ICS_ + device (Slim_ICS_2.8_Maguro_Essentials) essentials or else phone won't boot.

Slim ICS 2.8

Slim ICS 2.8 Mirror

Use the addons from before.

Face Unlock
Slim ICS v2.7
  • Introducing ASS ( Advanced Slim Settings) - thanks to Roman and AOKP team
    • Modify Notification Widgets
    • Nav Bar
    • Adjust CPU frequency
    • Change battery style
    • Add/Remove Toggles
    • Adjust the toggle style ( Text, icon or alternate toggles)
    • Change LCD density
    • Allow 180 degree rotation
    • Custom Carrier Label
    • Back button to kill apps
    • Lockscreen options, custom app doesn't rest works
  • Latest AOSP tree sync

Maguro V2.7
Use the addons from 2.4 if you need

Slim ICS v2.6
  • Latest Sync with AOSP
  • New SystemUI notiifcation widgets
  • Updated Busybox


Slim ICS v2.5
  • New Bootanimation - Thanks to DT3CH and Melissapugs
  • ExtendedPower Menu - Thanks CM team for source
  • Power Widget - Cm source
  • Latest Repo Sync

Please use the same addon from v2.4

Slim ICS v2.4:
  • Latest Repo Sync with google sources
  • Talk & Gmail 4.0.4
  • Chrome bookmark sync included
  • Video Chat Fixed
  • Google Sync updated based on the latest gapps

Download Links:

Maguro v2.4



Slim ICS v2.3:
  • Latest Sync with google sources
  • Gmail, talk, calendar and contact sync in base
  • Zeam Launcher, stock provided in removed addon package

Download Links:

Maguro v2.3

Removed Addons

Slim ICS v2.0:
  • Latest Sync with google sources
  • Fixed Dictionary Issue
  • Zeam Launcher, stock provided in removed addon package

Download Links:

v2.0 Removed Apps
Slim ICS v1.0:


- Initial working release.

Download Links: