Latest release: 2012-04-14


2012-04-14 (Odin) (CWM)
- bugfix: onscreen-log shouldn't cut off as early now
- colors are now customizable

2012-04-09 (Odin) (CWM)
- bugfix: "dragging" now limited to the visible row area
- bugfix: menu/row line is now blue again
- bugfix: selected item now hides properly when dragging it out of the visible menu/row area
- bugfix: selection should work now properly in all menus
- bugfix: /cache/recovery/log and /cache/recovery/last_log error should now be fixed (not working, see post #100 for a solution)

2012-04-08 (Odin) (CWM)
- rewrote ui a bit, to be more touch friendly
- no more swiping to navigate
- short click on an entry selects it
- double short click on the same entry executes it
- dragging an entry will move the menu (if the menu can be moved, like file selection)
- use back key to go back
- disabled "back mode"

2012-04-05 (CWM)
- based on my cwm 2012-03-05
- added simple navigation using up and down touch motions (nothing big for now)How to install/update
- read here