This method is for people that want to have root in the stock rom without tripping the flash counter only.

  one zip to make it simpler, it contains the root zip, the odin and the samsung usb drivers, all the files needed in one download .
DOWNLOAD: Big File: 532mb in size

After the download follow this steps made by capite.

Extract Odin but don't launch it, run the samsung drivers for your phone on the PC and install it. Then plug in your phone to make sure it works -- it seems to take a while to get everything working. If you get an error, try rebooting and try again. Also, try using the cable that came with your phone -- 3d party cables don't always seem to work. If it still doesn't work, try another USB port.

1. Turn off your phone and uplug it. Take the battery out of your phone, put it back in, and hold the volume down button and power button at the same time. Keep them held down until the phone starts buzzing and you see the Samsung name.

2. At this point you are either in download mode or the phone will tell you to hit volume up, at which point you'll be ready.

3. Run Odin on your PC -- right click and choose "Run as Administrator" just to be safe.

4. Plug your phone into your PC.

5. In the Odin screen, wait until one of the top boxes turns yellow and displays some numbers.

6. UNCHECK all the boxes except for Auto Reboot.

7. Hit the PDA button and navigate to mashi's file that you unzipped.

8. Hit start

9. wait until your phone reboots.

10. If it didn't work, try rebooting and starting from scratch.

11. verify super user app now present. Update super user app (optional).

If you want to go back to unrooted, download this .tar file and flash thru odin!

Flashing back to stock thru odin by using the stock tar in case of brick will increase the flash counter.

UPDATE: Custom Recoveries/Kernels/Roms without tripping the flash counter go here.!