Link is the picture .. or get it here

on Rogers getting poor LTE speed ?

I fixed mine like this :

Open Dialer : Type *#2263# and Select "[4] LTE Band Preference" then "[7] LTE ALL". hit home button not back , return and set it to automatic . test speeds . please note you can NOT access this using the AOSP dialer

How to install :
This is an addon , so flash AlphaII (if you are already then disregard )
Boot the phone once , reboot in recovery
Flash Alpha III
fix permissions ( important )
( do not wipe dalvik and do not full wipe either)

DO NOT REPORT BUGS ! ( you can freely talk about it just saying you either deal with them or you dont ( I know I do ), thats why you made a back up )

Be Warned Alpha III will give you FCS here and there . its not perfect and I gave up on making it perfect , this ICS leak is not perfect to start with , anything built on top of it cant be perfect . this mod is aimed at adding a few tweaks while waiting for true AOSP ( my main target fand will most probbly make me silent for longer then I have been since alpha II .)

Alpha III Chnagelogs .

AOKP Statusbar tweaks (menu / settings / AOKP = ONLY status bar related options will work , dont try the lockscreens dont try the other tweaks , only signal toggles battery weather etc... will work .

Known issue :
_ when installing an app from google store you will get a systemui FC , the installation will be successful so dont worry . If you multi update applications from the store it will FC only once and go thru the rest of the process .
_ No LTE icon (but lte works it will say 4g instead)

FULL WIPE = FC galore so dont full wipe .

Now the good stuff :

Hopefully SMEMO Is fixed for good now

Highly customizable drop down menu ..

AOSP apps :

_DIALER + Contacts (true AOSP DIALER not themed)
_Camera (wont overwrite the current one and MIGHT give you some random FCs but it works )
_Gallery (wont overwrite the current one so you get 3 different Im not sure whats the difference but you get all 3)

if your tired of the new systemui you can always revert back to the blue one linked lower , or to the 15 toggles one linked somewhere in the thread .

Some of the testers encountered FC galore upon reboot then flash the fix attach . (flash ONLY if you experience FC on boot after upgrading to Alpha III)

If you want the ICS wallpapers download this from market