Clockwork Recovery

I'm not responsible for any damages to your phone. Neither am I responsible, if the phone becomes alive, runs away, dominates or kills you ;P
Also, if you don't know how to flash this, then you probably shouldn't... just saying...
All this work is done "blind", since I don't have a note, so be thankful to the testers, who were willing to sacrificed their devices

Latest release: beta 4


beta 4 (Odin) (CWM) (CWM Big Font) - size difference
- bigger font size
- shell access while in recovery should now work correctly

beta 3 (Odin) (CWM)
- updated to (big thanks to utkanos for fixing the graphics)
- sdcards should be mapped correctly now
- possible data corruption on flashing zips should be fixed

beta 2 (Odin) removed
- fixed sd card mixup - broken

beta 1 (Odin)
- updated to
- compiled from source
- fixed recovery loop (you should now be able to boot to recovery from android)
- possible to back up to internal or/and external sd
- should be possible to install zips from internal and external sd

- cwm
- "hack" (using a skyrocket recovery inside the stock recovery)

- no usb mount storage

How to update
- download the from the CWM link and put it on your sdcard
- reboot to recovery and install it, on the next reboot you should have the new version running

How to install
- use odin, flash as pda (phone has to be in download mode)
- Advanced install without increasing flash count (thanks to Da_G)