Hi Here is a Odin flashable system.img.ext4, it is based on the AT&T Galaxy Note Stock rom. There is not a kernel included with the rom, I would suggest flashing either the rooted stock kernel from Da_G or even better flash his super awesome overclocked kernel. For now, there is only an AT&T version....I need some system dumps from the Rogers and Telus versions in order to make roms for them. If you have one of these phones and are willing to help out send me a pm. If you would like to test my beta versions, come on over to IRC and hang out with Da_G and I there will be plenty of stuff to test.



v2 changelog

--fixed google music

--added ics bootanimation

--added extended power menu

--added crt off animation

--added sysro and sysrw to /system/xbin/

--enabled tether

--increased dalvik cache to 152m

Changelog v1:

-fully deodexed system and framework

-rooted with su and busybox installed

-some att bloatware removed(most comes from recovery partition, it will be removed later).

-init.d support

-zip align script to auto zip align all new apks

-add lib files to support Da_G's overclock kernel

I recommend you do a factory reset just after flashing with Odin

Download TPC Note ATT v2 - HERE md5sum =408f12c0f95ab1e1a18a3feaa369b8c3

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You should not have to do a factory reset going from v1 to v2, as long as you reboot into recovery and clear the cache after flash.

How To Install With Odin:

First...use winrar to unzip the .7zip rom file, inside you will find a pda-xxx.tar file

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You may need the USB Drivers available here. (Support & Downloads for SGH-I717)

Once the USB Drivers are installed, power off the phone, then hold volume down and power it on, you'll get a screen asking you to hit vol up to continue, do so. This puts the phone in download mode.

Stick the provided pda-xxx.tar in the PDA box of Odin3 1.85, flash away!

Note that this will increase your flash counter, which is presumably used by Samsung as a reason to decline warranty service (not aware of any reports of this occuring yet...?)