Saurom RC4
(FULL WIPE - Recommended )

RC4 update
(non wipe use this ONLY if you are already on RC3 other wise use FULL WIPE )

Q & A



Changelogs RC4a
  1. update auto reboots , full wipe doesnt
  2. BLN Support (missed events / missed calls )
  3. Full charge notification sound removed
  4. Updated Market to Google play added Bln application to data
  5. DA_G 's Kernel built in
  6. ' long press back button to kill applications'
    to enable flash attached zip at the end .
    this will break the back button haptic feedback and menu short press will work only if 'home double click' is enabled in jkay 's setting
  1. XLA2 Based (Rogers)
  2. 100 % unthemed
  3. Ext 100 bat mod + Ext Charging Bat MOD
  4. Blue mod by borijess if you use his color mod dont gorget to thank him
  5. more themes to come


Misc Tweaks:
  • DA_G's OC Kernel READY (libs etc) (if you dont want to flash the OC kernel and want to use regular or non oc kernel then flash the no oc zip attached at the 'addon' step)
  • Deodex
  • busybox
  • symlinked
  • zipalign
  • sqlite
Other Mods:
  • JKAYMODS <-- click for more info
  • scroll hack (for smooth scrolling)
  • Built in Call Recording
  • added stay awake option in /application/development
  • added long press back button to kill applications /application/development <---- hot
  • Rogers stuff is removed
  • LOTS OF STUFF removed
  • Maps - Flashplayer moved to data
  • Titanium backup
  • Phone Silencer
  • on Call End
  • SMS pop up
  • APN + ADD BLOCKED (Attached at the end)


Know Bugs
  1. Data toggle in power menu doesnt show up
  2. you need to uncheck confirmation dialog in DeluxeSettings otherwise reboot / recovery and download wont work ( only the one in power menu)
  3. long press back button is not long press is just back button will fix soon ..
How To Install
  1. Download the rom and put it in your phone
  2. Flash CWM recovery .
  3. Reboot into recovery and make a nandroid backup
  4. Factory reset the phone .
  5. Flash the rom .
  6. Flash the addon zip (attached ) if needed
  7. Your all set .
  8. Enjoy!