What is it you ask?
-A Work in Progress!
-This is customized build of ICS leak for AT&T Galaxy Note i717
-Collective Tools app with OTA features (Some features disabled as this is still a WIP)
-OTA updates.
-ES File Manager
-Titanium Backup
-Tons of Features in Collective Tools in the Settings Menu
-Ability to download and install Nova Launcher, Launcher2 or Trebuchet Launcher along side the default launcher.
-Much more and much more to come

Current Downloads
Download Here
Seraphim-FirstFlight.zip md5sum = c350400e974f4691f45bc5568a4b8fe1

Download Mirror 1

How To:
1. Back Up your Stuff.
2. Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
4. Flash .zip in recovery
5. Allow full first boot, reboot
6. Sign in to Market to add account.
7. Open Collective Tools from Settings Menu and make it your own.

Known Issues and Solutions to Non-Issues:
1. Contacts crashes when adding a new contact. Workaround - Add contacts via web browser to your Google account.
(This is being worked on and hopefully will be fixed in the next 48 hours)
2. Found a bug that doesn't let you set your lockscreen wallpaper Download This Fix and flash from recovery
3. If you cannot power down or reboot, reboot to recovery and Wipe Cache Partition and you should be good to go.
4. If some widgets don't fit go to Menu> Apex Settings> Homescreen Settings> and change Portrait grid to have at least 6 columns.
5. Instagram crashes like mad and doesn't work. Trying to track it down now
6. Is so slick it will make you wanna slap your grandma!