Installation Guide


*Based on leaked XXLPH Firmware
*Blue themed
*Battery percentage
*CRT Screen-Off Animation
*Overscroll glow
*Better optimised apk's, framework for more speed and free mem.
*Memory tweak
*Kernel tweaks
*SD card read tweak
*Root + Busybox


29/02/2012 (Lite'ning Rom v1.1)
Tweaked for more Speed & Battery life
Changed some images
Added Aosp clock.
Added LRToolbox
Added Large APN list
Removed some bloatware
Themed dialer
Added rapid GPS lock script
Added Screenfix script

and many more....

19/08/2011 (Lite'ning Rom v6.1)
based on I9100XXKH3 firmware
baseband I9100XXKH3
fixed Screencapture FC
removed go launcher (just install whatever you prefer)

17/08/2011 (Lite'ning Rom v6.0)
based on offical I9100XXKH1 firmware
baseband I9100XXKH1
kernel ninphetamine 2.0.5
Full deodexed
RTL support
BLN support
added overscroll
added battery monitor widget
added stock market
gtalk with video chat should work now
added browser with user agent switcher

02/08/2011 (Lite'ning Rom v5.0)
rebased on offical XXKG6
stock browser working @ full speed
speedmod kernel K1-T17
added call recording
added go launcher
added better battery stats
added adFree host
removed logsprovider
removed overscroll glow
no RTL support for now

28/07/2011 (Lite'ning Rom v4.2)
with faster stock browser
placed back Wi-Fi sharing client
changed csc to XEUKD1

Rebased on official XXKG3 Firmware
added Ninphetamine-2.0.2 kernel
removed the call recording, gave problems with sound
fixed the sound issue, see above
fixed the FC issues

fixed CRT effect
fixed battery percentage
sound should be ok now
fixed the FC issues

CF-Root oxa KG2 kernel
fully deodexed again
overscroll glow
crt effect
extended power menu
RTL language support
fixed bluetooth audio
sip over wifi and 3g
new swype
new market
mms mod
lag browser, just install whatever you like.

Now with official XXKG2 Firmware
CF-Root KG2 kernel
modem I9100XXKG2,
added swype with more languages,
added chinese csc,
added voice rec,
camera complete silence,
added quickboot,

Added Overscroll Glow
Added Zip Aligned script for more speed
Updated Flashplayer
Updated Superuser
Updated Market
Changed the useragent string (thanks BackfireNL)

Added the CF-Root XXKG1 kernel
Added the standard browser (thanks designgears)
Fixed the FC with phone when boot up

Now with Android 2.3.4 XXKG1 Firmware
Modem XXKG1
Added Skyfire as a replacement for the standard Browser
Removed standard Browser
RTL language support
Placed back WiFi Sharing

Now with official XXKF2 Firmware
Modem XXKF2
Added CF-Root 4.0 kernel for XXKF2
VoIP-SIP support
Support PhoneCall Recording support
Now also added the read tweak for ext SD-card
Increase the Wi-Fi Scan Interval to save battery
Lower the call Ring Delay
Removed WiFi Sharing to save battery

Now with official XWKF1 Firmware
Modem XXKE7
Added CF-Root 3.8 kernel for XWKF1
Added No increasing ringtone
Changed power saving icon to blue
Changed Data network mode icon

Now with official XWKE8 Firmware
Added the Fixed Extended power menu
Added CF-Root 3.7 kernel for XWKE8
Changed progress bar color to blue

Fixed the Overscroll glow
Added Extended power menu
Added CF-Root 3.7 kernel
Changed some stock data icons
Changed the transparent menu to non-transparent
Changed Lowmemorykiller values
Changed RAM optimization
Changed some VM values for more smoothness
Removed the Quadrant Ram script








fix for Litening Rom v4.0 (fix samsung keyboard, calculator and screencapture. flash it via CWM Recovery)



Special Themes for the Lite'ning Rom (only for Lite'ning Rom v2.1, flash it via CWM Recovery) (only for Lite'ning Rom v2.0, flash it via CWM Recovery)

Litening_Rom_v2_0.rar (279.44 MB)

Litening_Rom_v1-5.rar (269.18 MB)

Litening_Rom_v1-4.rar (293.48 MB)

Litening_Rom_v1-3.rar (278.59 MB)

Litening_Rom_v1-2.rar (269.97 MB)

Fix for the Extended power menu - only for Lite'ning Rom v1.2
flash it via CWM Recovery

Litening_Rom_v1-1.rar (285.86 MB)

Litening_Rom_v1-0.rar (273.94 MB) (192.32 KB)

Fix for the laggy Browser - only for Lite'ning Rom v1.0

Litening_Wallpapers.apk (3.58 MB) - Special LR app with 22 nice wallpapers.

Extra Information

*Lite'ning Rom FAQ (thanks to electrikblues)
*What Is Recovery & Download Mode?

Questions and Answers

Q. E-Mail Doesn't work. Any ideas?

A. Go to applications and clear data and cache of the email app. after that it works fine again.