SensatioN ROM Features:

-Based on Samsung Firmware XWKK5 Android 2.3.6
-KI4 modem
-Siyah kernel 2.5.2
-JKAY mod 13.2.2
-Fancy animation for screen rotation
-Maxthon Browser 2.3.9
-TwLauncher 4.5 by Fr4gg0r
-Deluxe Settings app by JKAY
-RTL patch
-Modded keyboard (slightly changed UI and comma instead of settings button)
-Internet browser with no overscroll glow and User Agent Settings.
-Gallery with no overscroll glow in images
-and of course the classic craps that I don't think they worth mentioned but maybe someone will ask about thme(deodexed, rooted, zipaligned, bla bla bla)

When it comes to the new SensatioN 3 interface you will find:

-New MMS application UI
-New Logs layout
-New Phone.apk application fixed for video calling also and letters in in-call dialpad
-New Memo interface
-New Music Player interface
-New DropDown menu with 14 toggles controlled by JKAY app.
-redesigned tabs in applications
-redesigned framework elements: new volume pop-up layout - more compact and thinner volume bar, new pop-up panels, new advanced power menu icons, check boxes, radio buttons
-redesigned status bar icons (signal, wi-fi and almost all notification icons)
-ICS keyboard animation

So, because It's Christmas, I decided to make you a small surprise.I have made a quick Christmas Edition of SensatioN 3:

-animation in dropdown menu with snow flakes, snowed elements. Now the main disadvantage of this animation is that it lags the dropdown menu due the animation. I have also provided a small pack, containing the static dropdown menu if you like the way it looks but the lag is too bad for you to support. So, if you want to keep the Christmas look but with smooth Dropdown menu, download the SensatioN_3_Static_Christmas_Dropdown and flash it over
-new frozen icons for more applications

If I have time these weeks I will try to update my SensatioN 2 theme to be compatible with this ROM and also it will support the JKAY 13.2.2 mod (14 toggles).

With this being said, I hope yo like my latest release for Samsung Galaxy S 2 phones. If you want to support me and my crazy ideas consider donating for a cup of coffee in my sleepless nights.

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Dropdown Menu:


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Christmas Pack:

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