Simplistic ROM ICS XXLPB

This Rom is made built on a famous quote:
“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
and that's exactly what I have in mind, and the direction this ROM will be going to with every new release
Also the ROM will be based on the newest leaked Rom available.

Based on XXLPB Leaked Build
KI3 Modem
CF-Root Kernel LPB
Superlite 177mb and Super Smooth
(Vin 87 and me)'s theme (A small mix from spike_m theme) and AOSP Theme, Some dialer elements from bezke (thank to everyone)
Many AOSP Apps including AOSP MMS
Stock Ics Battery with percentage
Pre-Zipalined and is Zipaligned during each boot
Tweaked system and startup scripts to give maximum performance and battery life
My framework based on Lidroid's (BIG THANKS TO LIDROID)

I'll be answering ANY question even if it has been answered many many times, because we here are a community to help each other.
Another thing that this ROM is yours people, Tell me what do you want in it and I'll be more than happy to put it (if my experience enables me to :P)

Note: Be aware I removed many things, I guess you may need some of the removed things so tell me and I'll Be happy to Provide it as fast as I can

I Recommend that You Do a full wipe , but the rom is a no-wipe