ROOT U8650 sonic

UPDATED : 26.03.20102


ROOT and the original ROM

To root U8650 you should flash it with original Rom, Spanish devices dont need original rom to root dont know why it is but it is


It is necessary to download an official ROM


After you download it unrar it and dload folder copy to memory card

Path should look like \ dload \ update

to flash device you need to

turn it off
remove the battery for 5 seconds
put the battery back in
press the buttons "VOL +" + "VOL-" + "ON" (all three keys at once)
and will start automatic firmware upgrade

for 3-4 minutes cell is debranded

If you get error not found firmware that means that you did not put the firmware on the SD card like you should (I got it a few times) just off the device and repeat the procedure.


After flashing unbranded firmware we can throw at root

software needed for the root LINK

This is similar to debranding.

download root file
Put it on SD card
turn off the phone
remove the battery for 3 seconds
Press "VOL +" + "ON" (without the vol-)
When you open the "bios like" menu use the volume keys up/down to select the update from memory card called root
after this procedure just reboot the phone and you have rooted phone