Benru89 Cyanogen 7.1 - Sense SoftMod

ROM is cleaned with titanium Backupo from multiple CyanogenMod apk's - iff you miss something, youll have to find it yourselves!

1. Unpack downloaded rar, there will be folder 2012-02-21-17.03.40

2. move that folder on your sdcard to clockworkmod/backup

3. Reboot and do nandroid BACKUP OF YOUR ROM - Just In Case!

4. Go to recovery and do:

Main menu:
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • wipe cache partition
Mount And Storage menu:
  • format /boot
  • format /cache
  • format /system
  • format /sd-ext
Advanced menu:
  • wipe Dalvik cache

5. go to backup and restore, select restore and choose folder 2012-02- - confirm with Yes

6. when its done, select reboot system now, after you type PIN WAIT for 30 seconds and Voila!

Download Link: