"Official Huawei v2.3.5 klurosuMOD" is a user-developed Spanish klurosu ROM based on ROM 2.3.5 Huawei. I do not assume responsibility for any malfunction / brick the device.
My intent is to provide users of this forum a better choice.

- Social Networks Huawei
- Software Update
- Internet Browser Huawei
- Music player Huawei
- Launcher Huawei
- Youtube

- New drivers Adreno 200
- Google Store Market upgraded to Play
- ES Explorer
- BarcodeScanner
- NotePad
- SetCPU (stable at 721-122mhz with no problems interactiveX in camera)
- Link2SD
- A2SD
- Boat Mini Browser
- Merkamarket
- Superuser
- Launcher Pro
- On Call End
- Multimedia player MIUI
- Video player MoboPlayer
- Optimizing the read / write SD
- FlashPlayer v11
- Birthday

CAUTION: To install the necessary recovery ClockworkMod

Guide to Accelerating the ROM "Official Huawei v2.3.5 klurosuMOD"

1. Installing the ROM and preparation of the SD card

1 - Turn off the device, remove the battery and put it back 5 seconds
2 - Enter in recovery menu by holding down the VOLUME + and POWER for about 15 seconds
3 - From the recovery:
Select "mounts and storage" and use the following command "format":
4 - Go back and select "advanced" -> "partition SD card": select the first question 512Mb or 64Mb and 32 to the second
5 - Select "go back" -> "mounts & Storage" -> "mount USB storage"
6 - Connect the Sonic the PC using the USB cable and transfer the ROM (in. Zip) on your device (in the ROOT of the memory)
7 - Select "unmount" -> "go back"
8 - Select "install zip from sdcard" -> "chose zip from sdcard" -> "Huawei v2.3.5 klurosuMOD Oficial"
9 - Confirm and wait about 1 minute to install the ROM

2. Management EXT Partition and Swap

1 - Open the application "Link2SD" and the screen that appears when you first start to choose the "EXT2"
2 - Restart the device
3 - Open "A2SD" and set as active (green) options of the first page
4 - Leave "10" value "swappiness"

3. Wi-Fi settings (in case of problems)

1 - Follow the path to "Menu" -> "Settings" -> "Settings and Wireless Networks" -> "Settings Wi-Fi"
2 - Push the physical key "Menu" button on your device and select "Advanced"
3 - Select "Domain Controller" and choose "11 channels"
4 - Set "Suspension Wi-Fi to your liking

Link to download: