Version 1.0
1. New Graphics
2. PowerMenu adding voice to reboot in recovery
3. PowerMenu added entry for screenshots
4. Added to the Settings menu item SonicDroidMenu:
- SonicDroidMenu item added CPU management settings (working and tested)
- Adding voice SonicDroidMenu management Swap (works and tested)

Version 0.3
1. Overclocking 729 with max frequency real
2. Underclocked to 61 MHz
3. Added the governor Smartassv2, interactive
3. gingerbread version 2.3.5
4. Restoring cdrom (driver unit with adb)
5. Share new battery (installed separately)

Version 0.2
1. Overclocking (added frequencies 652, 710, 768)
2. Changed launcher with LauncherPro
3. Cancelled Clock and Weather
4. Rirpistino partition Vodafone cust
5. Percentage Battery

Version 0.1
1. rooted (Superuser.apk + up)
2. BusyBox installed
3. BusyBox run-parts support
4. / Data / app enabled
5. Nano text editor installed
6. Bash shell support
7. deleted applications:
- File Management
- Twitter
- Vodafone App
8. Added:
- Link2SD
- No-Frills CPU
- FlashPlayer 11
- Terminal Emulator
- File Expert
9. Updated applications:
- Google (GMail, Market, Maps)
- Facebook
- Youtube

Copy the zip file containing the ROM on the SD.
Start the phone in recovery (CWM)
Make wipe.
Install zip from SD

Council to make an ext4 partition before installing the rom, then use Link2SD, and a swap partition of 64 MB.

In the event that the quick links in the dropdown menu are not present or present some other event, the Board to perform the following steps:
1) installalre the Russian stock rom 2.3.5
2) perform the steps to install the cwm
3) install the 1.0 SonicDroid

In SonicDroid 1.0 is the ability to activate the swap without having to run scripts from the terminal.
Of course the management of the swap is possible only if during installation you created the partition on the SD SWAPO

In previous versions:
to activate the swap run the following code to the terminal

Code: Select all
swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
echo 20 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

If, however, sometimes activate automatically every time you create a file called 10swap, with the following code to insert into / system / etc / init.d
Notice how I forgot to create the init.d directory, then create one

Code: Select all
sleep 10
swapon /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
echo 20 > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness

Remember to give execution rights to the file using the command:

Code: Select all
chmod 755 /etc/int.d/10swap

Link Version 1.0
File name: File size: 113.45 MB
Watch out for those who have downloaded the rom February 8, the following patch installed without making any wipe:

Previous links
Version 0.3
File name: File size: 106.99 MB

Status bar changed
only numerical percentage
[Url] File name: File size: 4.38 MB [/ url]

Percentage and icons modifcate
[Url] File name: File size: 5.99 MB [/ url]

Links ROM Version 0.2:

Links ROM Version 0.1:

For those wishing lapossibilità is to install only the kernel with OC.
Frequencies 729-61, perfectly functioning is real.
To install the new kernel just scaicare the zip file linked below, copy it to SD, and then from the menu CWM install the zip file without any wipes.
Overclocking 729 kernel running