Like installing Final ZAD v1.3 klurosuMOD

1. Rootear huawei 8650

For versions 2.3.3

-- without decompressing to memory SD copies the file .
(in the root, that is to say, without putting it within any folder)

-- In the menu of the reason, it vetoes to Ajustes->Aplicaciones and it unmarks to the option fast Beginning.

-- It extinguishes the telephone and it enters way recovery, for it presses VOL+ and POWER 20 seconds.
(In case it does not leave it retires the battery and it returns to try it)

-- In the menu recovery looks for an option that puts something similar to install zip from sdcard.
(for desplazarte by the menu it uses the bellboys above and under the volume and to accept the button beats to ignite)

-- Within this option you select choose zip from sdcard and the file, that is the one that you have copied previously and accepts.

-- After installing now chooses it the option Reboot system.

You are already ROOT in the reason;)

For versions 2.3.5

-- Mark in the telephone: *#*#2846579#*#* and automatically will appear a menu.
-- background vetoes to projectmenu > settings > log settings > log switch > Seth Log on
-- It reinitiates the telephone
-- Mark in Menu - > Ajustes - > Applications - > Development - > Purification USB
-- It decompresses SuperOneClickv2.3.1.rar
-- It connects the reason to the PC and I do not mount the SD.
-- It executes SuperOneClick and it presses button ROOT (it confirms if you want to install drivers).
-- When it finishes, acquittal the battery to the reason 20 seconds and already this.

You are already ROOT in the reason;)

2. To change recovery.

1 - It decompresses the file for ClockworkMOD Huawei U8650.rar.

2 - It extinguishes to the reason and sácale the battery 5seg, colócasela and enters way fastboot.
(Tight BOWL and POWER at the same time during 25seg)

3 - It connects the reason to the PC.

4 - It executes: ClockWorkMOD (Bootloader-Volum DOWN+ POWER)

5 - It executes: reboot (not yet you clear the cable)

6 - Already these within ClockworkMOD

(if Windows does not find drivers you, buscalos within the folder for Drivers Huawei U8650)

3. To prepare the earthenware vessel

(before coming it agrees to be sure that the SD only has a partition FAT32 that occupies all the capacity, that is to say, if you have a SD of 4GB, that 4Gb is FAT32)

1 - It extinguishes the reason and quitale the battery, waits for 5 seconds and pónsela again.

2 - Recovery enters menu leaving during 15segs keys VOLUM+ and POWER tight.

3 - Once in recovery you do the following thing:
(for desplazarte by the menu it uses the bellboys above and under the volume and to accept the button beats to ignite)

Storage vetoes to mounts and and formats the following thing:

4 - Card vetoes to advanced partition SD (metele 512Mb to ext and swap ponle 32 or 64Mb)
go back
mounts & storage
mount USB storage
its cable USB connects the reason to the PC using and passes ZaDRoM_v1.3_KluroMOD.Final to cacharrin when already this past one

5 - Kitchen maid in unmount
6 - She vetoes back with Go Back
7 - From enters install zip sdcard
8 - From enters chose zip sdcard and selects ZaDRoM_v1.3_KluroMOD.Final
9 - Dile that If and in 2min the ROM settled

When it starts reinitiates (or it extinguishes and it ignites the reason) so that the changes become cash.